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Watch: Tucker Carlson Obliterates “Quivering Mass” Howard Stern in an Epic Takedown

Tucker Carlson is one of the best media voices and Howard Stern is absolutely one of the worst.

Well, at least Stern is now. In the past, Howard Stern was, though not a conservative, a super funny, edgy guy.  He was a lib, but, if you were looking for someone that would go rogue on the airwaves and crack you up, he was the guy. More than that, he was a valiant fighter in the battle for free speech that got fired more than once for standing up for his right to speak freely.

That’s all gone now, he’s a prattling, leftist twit that rants endlessly about the vaccine, but it’s important to remember that he hasn’t always been this way.

In any case, the two worlds of Tucker and Howard Stern, the best and the worst, collided on Tursday when Tucker did an epic takedown and obliterated Stern, saying (correctly) that he’s gone from being brave and courageous to being a “quivering” coward. Watch him here:

As you can here in the video, Tucker says:

Howard Stern, by any measure, is one of the great radio hosts of all time. He has made a huge amount of money for doing what he does, but there’s a reason for it. He is incredibly brave. Vulgar, yes, but truly talented. But above all, courageous. Defended free speech, was fired for it repeatedly, used his platform to fight government censorship, gave the finger to the man.

There are a lot of things impressive about Howard Stern. That briefly allowed him to be creative, but not anymore. Maybe it was the coronavirus that broke him, hormonal changes in middle age.

He is now a coward. His broadcast is about cowardice, amplifying his fears about corona over the air. Attacking, more precisely, attacking anybody else who has decided to live life as a free person.

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The guy was always a narcissist, obviously. The show was about himself.

But again, he had a spirit. He had bravery. But he has declined into this kind of quivering mass of neuroses and hatred — hatred that has so overtaken him, he has decided anyone who doesn’t follow his commands should just go die.

Tucker also introduced comedian Jimmy Dore, who’s a way better comedian than Stern and also doesn’t think you should die for not getting the jab.

People on Twitter were quick to support Tucker. One, for example, said “This is great! Howard Stern has been irrelevant for a while now. He’s pathetic. And thank you for introducing me to Jimmy Dore! I’ll be looking for his show now.

Another said “Howard went woke long ago. When he brought Marcy Turk on board. Stopped bringing on longtime favorite guest like Gotfried and lampenelli, changed wack packers names etc Listened for 20-25 years now haven’t listened in 3-4

Stern has gone woke, and is worse for it. Luckily Tucker was there to call him out for his evil statements and drift away from comedy and toward cheering for some vaccine-focused police state.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.