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The Media’s Pathetic Attempt To Discredit Tucker Carlson

The latest coordinated hit piece against Tucker Carlson, from a combination of self-serving individuals and the usual corporate media outlets, is nothing short of desperately sniffing parmesan cheese to get the next news cycle high. It also reveals how little ammunition remains in the woke artillery.

There has been little coverage of this story in conservative circles, and indeed, it only came to my attention after an across-the-aisle friend asked me what I thought about it. I won’t bother linking to leftist outlets because they don’t deserve the clicks and ad revenue, but the precis of the situation is that Tucker Carlson allegedly asked Hunter Biden for a recommendation letter – to the latter’s alma mater – circa 2015 for the former’s college-bound son.

And…that’s it.

The clear implication of the story is that Carlson is a fraud because he is a self-styled populist on camera and an elitist elbow-rubber off it. I admit that I was initially surprised to see anything linking Carlson to the younger Biden in a positive light, but on second glance, why wouldn’t two prominent men eventually come into contact and find common interest?

The story, without explicitly saying it, falsely propagates the notion that politically-distant foes could never find a common bond. While their publicly-known lifestyles do not line up, both are of similar age, both have similar pedigrees, and being human, no doubt have other complexities and interests that offer more overlap than not.

It is neither a scandal that Carlson befriended Biden nor that he would have asked him for a college recommendation letter. Anyone that has attended college or sought to get their child(ren) in college must admit that the requisite letters always came from a person of influence.

Otherwise, why get a letter at all? As a graduate of the school in which Carlson’s son sought the letter, Hunter Biden made perfect sense.

In every effort to gaslight the hell out of the American public, this specific focus also highlights the corrupt corporate media’s transition from hiding and denying the initial revelation of Hunter Biden’s laptop to now allowing dissemination of select leaks.

So the laptop story is accurate now? When the New York Post broke its bombshell piece just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, every major news outlet and social media giant silenced and/or banned even a reference to it. They had no interest in determining its veracity for themselves or wrestling with its implications.

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Fast forward a year, and the single most important story from a trove of emails allegedly containing questionable (and illicit) pictures, emails confirming various business arrangements trading on the Big Guy’s name, and sundry other concerning issues is a single thread of short emails between Carlson and Biden in which the supposed friends speak amicably and in search of a small favor?

Is this really the most concerning email on the apparently-true forgotten laptop? This is journalistic malpractice of the highest order.

The entire charade is also reminiscent of the recent attack on Jon Gruden’s professional football career. Out of some 650,000 emails, in a search for something else entirely, the only ones released – or at least reported on – to the public contained private exchanges involving colorful language by Gruden.

Plenty of memes went around at the time juxtaposing Gruden with a picture of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden. In this round of fake outrage, the same response can be applied. This is what we’re supposed to get worked up about?

Hillary Clinton scrubbed an entire private server, which was illegal in both the sense that it was private and also scrubbed in the middle of a nominal search, in the process deleting tens of thousands of emails. No one cared.

Hunter Biden later came along with his laptop and most likely caught Papa Joe in multiple lies about previous knowledge of business partnerships and linked him directly to corrupt dealings. No one cared.

This was a lot of words dedicated to the initial question by my friend. The Tucker Carlson scandal? As if.

Although this is a nonstory – a nothing burger as people hipper than me like to say – the entire saga began when sleazeball lawyer Lin Wood shared a screenshot of the emails to his Telegram account. The fact that Carlson aired his exclusive interview with Kyle Rittenhouse just days prior, and in so doing allowed Rittenhouse to reveal what a slimy character Wood has vis-a-vis Rittenhouse’s three-month jailing despite having raised enough funds, surely prompted the vendetta-driven leak. Wood went on a social media tirade using a lot of capital letters and discussions of lawsuits.

I had never heard of Lin Wood before the 2020 election recount process. The little I know now, based on how he apparently traded on a young kid’s name (and let him rot in a jail cell for months on end), later positioned himself to litigate the 2020 election recount efforts, and now weakly attempting a public shaming of Carlson, doesn’t bode well for this person’s character. The real story is how a greasy lawyer probably made millions of dollars scamming decent Americans in the last year.

Tucker looks clean; I wonder what his emails would show?

By: Parker Beauregard, Article Syndicated from Blue State Conservative