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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Calls Fauci ‘A Shorter Version of Benito Mussolini’

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson tore into Dr. Fauci for obsessing over himself during his latest TV appearance.

“Someday, when the fog lifts and art returns, somebody’s going to write a hilarious novel about this moment,” Tucker said on Monday night.

“One of the stars of it will be a nearly 1-year-old bureaucrat who shouldn’t be driving a car at this point but who somehow took control of the most powerful country on earth and then promptly went insane. If you haven’t checked in on Tony Fauci lately, you might be a little surprised to discover what he has become. If you tune in a couple years ago you may recall Dr. Fauci is a public health official p had he wore button-down shirts, gave careful, precise answers. No more. After two years of being nonstop media action, tony Fauci is morphed into a shorter version of Benito Mussolini. Watch Dr. Fauci on television the other day refer to himself, without even flinching, in the third person,” Tucker added.


“That’s okay. I’m just going to do my job,” Fauci says in the clip.

“And I’m going to be saving lives and they are going to be line. There’s a distinct Anti-science flavor to this. So if they get up and criticize science, nobody’s going to know at what they are talking about. But if they get up and really aim their bullets at Tony Fauci, people can recognize there’s a person there, so it’s easy to criticize. But they are really criticizing science, because I represent science,” Fauci concludes.

Tucker then cuts back to himself and tears into the “Doctor”.

“And they criticize me, they are criticizing science. I am science, declares Tony Fauci. Science is me,” Tucker says, quoting Fauci.

This story syndicated with permission from Clayton Keirns – Trending Politics

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