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Trusting the Government is Idiotic

Why Trusting the Government is Idiotic

This week there have been countless calls for more government control. Our politicians want to tell us what to do and where we can go. Cuomo wants to nationalize industry. Worse, many Americans are going along with it rather than demanding protections of their liberty. In fact, they’re often pushing for that increased government control. What they don’t seem to understand is that trusting the government is idiotic.

The driving philosophy behind increased government control, whether that control is exercised over daily life or the economy, is that the bureaucratic elites know better than we do. It’s the polar opposite of the free market and individual rights.

Perhaps, in a few rare cases, that idea is correct. Military matters, justly deciding court cases, and (maybe) policing are the only examples I can think of. That’s because they’re the only just roles of government.

But, generally, it’s an idiotic idea. Any history book will confirm that opinion. The best example of one of those books, in my opinion, is The Case Against Socialism. In it, Rand Paul explains the true nature of socialism and what it leads to: misery. That’s because a) socialism empowers the government to do whatever it wants and b) the government has no idea what to do, so it ruins everything and terrorizes the population in the process. The millions killed by socialism are a testament to why trusting the government is idiotic. Don’t do it!

Instead, trust your neighbors to do the right thing without being told to do so by the government. Sure, they might let their dog run in your yard or play music too loud, but they probably won’t starve you and your family to death for daring to not clap long enough, as Stalin did.

And, most relevant to this week, the entire Coronavirus pandemic happened because we trusted the Chinese government to not behave duplicitously. We can’t do that again; this entire pandemic is that government and nation’s fault. Yet for some reason ever-growing numbers of people are calling for government power to end a crisis that the government started. To me, that’s illogical. Isn’t it illogical to you too?

America was founded on a belief in individual liberty, not government control. Honor that memory and, through it, the memory of the Founding Fathers, by refusing to trust the government and instead cherishing your liberty, even during the Chinese flu pandemic. Trusting the government is idiotic because the government is like a wolf. Don’t be one of those Big Government-supporting fools.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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