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Trump’s Linguistic “Kill Shot”: Is This His Most Powerful Line Yet? [VIDEO]

Trump made lots of newsworthy points at CPAC. He all but said that he’s running again, got great news about his chances in 2024, blew the Democrats to smithereens, and gave a stirring speech on the importance of border security.

But beyond all those great things, he also said something that might be one of his most powerful lines yet, a quote that Wayne Dupree is calling a “linguistic kill shot.” It was:

They indoctrinate your children to hate their parents while calling you a hateful racist,” he said, “They use big tech to censor you. They use the deep state to spy on you. They use the intelligence agencies to frame you. They use the media to slander you. They use the legal system to persecute you. It is a persecution. They use rigged elections to disenfranchise you and destroy you and ruin your lives.

I’d bold the most important lines but, frankly, each and every word of it is important. That’s rare for Trump, who is normally far from laconic and a bit of a rambler, but it’s true here.

Trump, in a few brief sentences, summed up the left’s war on conservatives: they’re using every tool in their arsenal, from the indoctrination of your kids to pressuring the Big Tech platforms to censor you, to win the culture war.

That’s dangerous, particularly because of how effective it is. Yet worse, it’s something that few conservatives recognize; they think that each issue they hear about, whether it be Deep State corruption, leftism in the schools, or anything else, is an isolated issue.

Well, as Trump might say, “Wrong!” Each player might not be actively collaborating with the other players, but they’re all working collectively to win the culture war and crush people like you. That effort is as evil as it is powerful and effective.

Fortunately for us, Trump called it out, shaking apathetic conservatives into an awareness of what’s going on and how the left is trying to win the culture war.

That line was part of his larger message about how America’s most dangerous enemies are at home, a point he introduced by saying:

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As grave as the dangers are abroad, it’s the destruction within that spells our doom.

Our most dangerous people are people from within. These are people that must hate our country because they make us weak.”

Watch him here:

The media will try to cover up Trump’s statement, the leftist fact-checkers will go after and nitpick his claims, and Big Tech will keep censoring him.

But, thanks to the platform provided by CPAC and Trump’s unusually brilliant choice of words, the message is out there and those who want to understand what the left is up to need only look at it to understand what’s really going on.

That’s a big deal, and something we should thank Trump for; he called out Big Tech, the media, the Deep State, and the leftist teachers in a way that only he could.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.