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Trump-Supporting Hollywood Star Rips America-Hating Brittney Griner, Awful Treatment of Jan. 6th Prisoners: Release Jan. 6 Prisoners from the Gulag, ‘Then I’ll Give a Damn’

Nick Searcy is one of the few Hollywood stars that’s not a total liberal loon; in fact, he’s even said some nice things about Trump!

And now he’s pushing back against yet another leftist narrative: the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching over Putin’s locking up of drug-smuggling, America-bashing Brittney Griner.

Griner, you see, was caught smuggling hashish oil, a cannabis-derived oil for her vape device, into the Russian Federation. The Russkies take such things seriously, and so she was locked up and tried. She pleaded guilty in a Russian court recently, admitting to having smuggled the drugs into Russia but claiming that she didn’t mean to break the law.

Despite her admitted guilt, many libs are demanding that Brandon do everything in his power to bring her home, ridiculously arguing that her lockup is political in nature rather than just because she was, well, smuggling drugs, albeit for her own use.

Well Mr. Searcy isn’t going along with that. Not one bit. He blew up on the narrative about Griner and the demands that Biden do whatever he can to get her out of the Russian prison, saying:

Tell you what: when the @joebiden Occupation releases the Jan. 6th political prisoners who have been held in a DC gulag for 18 months without bail, maybe then I’ll give a damn about some basketball player who hates America who is in jail in Russia because of her drug habit.

Boom. Now that’s the truth that’s been on every American’s mind but that many have been far too worried about accusations of “racism” or some other leftist-hated “ism” to call out. Fortunately for us, Searcy did: our own political prisoners are far more important than whatever is happening to some drug user dumb enough to break Russian drug laws.

And Searcy is a committed defender of the rights of those Americans locked up in the wake of the January 6th trespass by vengeful feds and leftists. The Western Journal, reporting on that activity of his, notes:

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Last year, Searcy teamed up with filmmaker Chris Burgard for a documentary called “Capitol Punishment.”

In the documentary, Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin detailed the treatment he received following the Capitol incursion on Jan. 6, 2021.

“They put me in a cell by myself, total solitary confinement, in a cell not much bigger than a walk-in closet,” Griffin said in the film. He remembered being called an “effing white cracker” on multiple occasions.

Searcy has also cheered President Donald Trump. In an interview with the Daily Caller, for example, Searcy said “I think Trump was a breath of fresh air,” then went on to say:

Washington is corrupt and corrupt on both sides of the aisle. Trump comes in and said, ‘We got to stop this, guys.’

Adding to that and describing why he supported Trump, Searcy said:

“Washington is corrupt and corrupt on both sides of the aisle. Trump comes in and said, ‘We got to stop this, guys.’”

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