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Trump Sends Brutal “Secret Message” to RINO Dan Crenshaw During His Texas Rally

Dan Crenshaw, though he occasionally says the right things, frequently exposes himself as a RINO. He’s like a tougher, straighter version of Lindsey Graham in that regard.

Trump, on the other hand, is boisterous and occasionally uncouth, but always on the side of conservatives, the MAGA agenda, and the average American. He didn’t profit off his office, as Crenshaw has, doesn’t side with the Establishment over conservatives, and is utterly unrepentant when standing up for America. As such, he’s obviously not a huge fan of Crenshaw.

That came up during Trump’s Saturday rally in Texas, during which he lamented the fate of the Jan. 6th political prisoners and said, if he’s elected in 2024, then they’ll get a pardon.

In his words, “If I run & if I win, we will treat those people from January 6th fairly. We will treat them fairly. And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly.” Watch that here:

Similarly, Trump spoke openly in favor of the Canadian Freedom Convoy, saying “The Canadian truckers, you’ve been reading about it. Who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates are doing more to defend American freedom than our own leaders by far, and we want those great Canadian truckers to know that we are with them all the way.” Watch that here:

But it wasn’t just bold, open messages that Trump was throwing out. Though he often roars like a lion, utterly unconcerned with who might hear his message and freak out, sometimes he understands that sending a subtler dig is all the more effective because it infuriates his enemies, revs up his base, and leaves him untouchable.

So, that was the path he took when striking out at Dan Crenshaw the RINO with a subtle, but quite effective jab.

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What’d he say? Nothing. What’d he do? Nothing. And that’s the point. Don’t get it? Neither did I, at first.

Luckily, conservative pundit Alex Bruesewitz caught the subtle, but really quite ferocious, anti-Crenshaw attack, pointing it out on Twitter by saying “If you thought President Trump was “establishment,” him ignoring RINO @DanCrenshawTX after recognizing every other Texas member there proves otherwise. Donald J. Trump will never sell his soul the Swamp, I can promise you that.”

Get it? Trump took time to recognize all the other Texas politicos but ignored Crenshaw. That was probably a good call, as pointed out by Wayne Dupree’s website:

Indeed, it’s very obvious that Trump isn’t a fan of Crenshaw, nor should he be, the guy is a total snake.

Dan has always been a closet NeverTrumper. He won’t come out and show his true colors like Kinzinger or Cheney do, but he believes the same way they do and has always used every opportunity to passive-aggressively slam President Trump and the America First agenda.

That’s no secret.

Dan is a “Paul Ryan” establishment Republican. He recently admitted that he goes to Paul Ryan for political advice — that should tell you all you need to know about Dan Crenshaw and his politics and why he should be booted from the party.

Trump is a real conservative, not a RINO. So it makes sense he’s stabbing at Crenshaw, and the fact that the guy is a snake makes it all the better that he’s doing so in a subtle way.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.