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Donald Trump on Our Ancestors

The Quote by Trump on Our Ancestors

“Our ancestors are the people who tamed the great wilderness, settled a vast continent, laid down the railroads, raised up the skyscrapers, and poured out their blood, sweat, and tears to build this country into the greatest nation in the history of the world and we’re not going to let it go.” -Trump on Our Ancestors

My Take

President Trump might not have always been the most eloquent of people (although he was right on every issue but bump stocks), but this quotation of his on our ancestors rivals a passage of Thucydides or speech of Churchill’s in poise and articulation. In beautiful, flowing terms, Trump identifies what is best about the men that built America and the vigor of his words forces those patriots that read or listen to them to grasp the flag even more forcefully. The legacy of those heroes must be defended.

Just think about the accomplishments of the men he identifies.

Lewis and Clark, in their travels across the vast wilderness that was the Louisiana Purchase, braved savage Indians, vast plains, steep mountains, innumerable mosquitos, bears, and a diet of lean meat that turned them into skeletons. Yet they mapped a continent and inspired their grateful nation. They are our ancestors.

The settlers that turned the territory Lewis and Clark explored from a wilderness into a network of thriving frontier towns faced similar challenges. Wood and water were scarce; they lived in dirt houses infested with bugs and snakes and prayed that rain would water their crops. They faced the predations of ranchers resentful at the appearance of barbed wire, Indian attacks, and constant hardship. Prices for goods were high and payments they received for their crops were low. Yet they persevered and steadily advanced America across the plains, turning a wilderness full of savages into fruitful fields of grain settled by hardy, civilized men. They are our ancestors.

The railroads were yet another marvelous accomplishment. As Ambrose describes in Nothing Like It in the World, the men who built the transcontinental railroads had to brave yet more Indian attacks, high prices and snake oil salesmen in the camps, a lack of food, basic hygiene, or wholesome food, and the many other challenges of laying track across unsettled territory. Those brave men — mainly Irish and Chinese immigrants — are our ancestors.

Who’s not inspired by the skyscrapers, those marvelous towers that dominate our most productive and alive cities? Before OSHA safety regulations, workers toiled all day, balancing on beams hundreds of feet above the ground while drilling, hammering, and welding. What they accomplished was astonishing and stirs patriotic vigor like few modern accomplishments.

All those great men, and many more, are our ancestors.

They’re the ones that built this country. They froze and starved at Valley Forge, chased the Comanche out of Texas, stood in massed formations and fired volleys into each other at Gettysburg, got in bar fights and shootouts in the town of Deadwood, saved France from German domination in World War I and II, and saved countless nations from communist domination during the Cold War.

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The financial institutions that put America’s dollar on top of the world, the arms makers that help the flag triumph over every enemy, the engineers that built the bridges, roads, and waterways that unite our nation, the scientists that built the bomb dropped on Tokyo and rocket that landed on the moon, all those are our ancestors.

And while it might appear, as happens in Atlas Shrugged, that men of such talent and industriousness are fading away, there are still many Americans out there that live like them. Trump was one; he built skyscrapers and saved the nation from Hillary. Elon Musk is another; his rockets are putting us back in space. Victor Davis Hanson and Jocko Willink have inspired countless young men with tales of martial glory, BAP is reviving the spirit of manliness, and our military tech is still top notch. Men like our ancestors still live among us.

It’s our duty as conservatives to not only speak fondly of our ancestors, but to live lives that would make them proud. To fight for what they built, to innovate as they did, to keep America’s star-spangled banner flying high anywhere we desire it to. Whatever challenges are arrayed against us, and there are many, we must fight for the legacy of the great men who built this nation. For, as Macauley says in his Lays of Ancient Rome:

“Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the Gate:
To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers,
And the temples of his gods”

That should be the guiding spirit for conservatives. Fight for the ashes of your ancestors and temples of your gods, whatever the cost.

By: Gen Z Conservative