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Unlike the Others, Trump Loved America

You’d think it’d be reasonable to assume that, when in office, all presidents loved America. Raised hearing tales of such greats as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Teddy Roosevelt, I certainly thought so. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the modern era.

Other than Trump, the last one to certainly love America was Reagan. From his days as a young adult to his last days in office, he was a striver that constantly worked to better America. In his youth, he testified in HUAC, helping that body find out which Americans were communists. Later, as president, he fought for America with all his might.

But then came a long period of darkness. HW might have loved America in his youth, but, by the time he was president, it would have been hard to say that he truly believed in American exceptionalism. When given an opportunity to have Yeltsin denounce communism once and for all, as Dianna West recounts in American Betrayal, he refused to do so; he felt uncomfortable with the whole situation. Similarly, he involved us abroad without completing the job, raised taxes, and didn’t even begin to fight the culture war. Frankly, it’d be hard to say he remained a patriot by the time he entered office, much less left it.

Then came Clinton. He didn’t, and still doesn’t, care about anything but power and pleasure. Hence why he shifted in the wind, adjusting his policies to remain popular, while also raping women and having sexual relations with an intern in the Oval Office. Clinton put his personal gratification over the majesty of the state, there’s no way he loved the country. Plus, he signed NAFTA, which was devastating to the American worker.

Then came George W Bush. He let illegals flood into the country, squandered our blood and treasure abroad, and let China rise at a breakneck pace. Worst of all, he kept sending more and more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, wasting their lives in “nation-building” projects in a region stuck in the Dark Ages. He valued the lives of Iraqis and Afghanis over the lives of US soldiers, valued letting in illegals over protecting American sovereignty, how could he be said to love America?

Then there was Obama, the worst of all. His policies, from weakness abroad to socialism at home, proved devastating to America. Worse yet, they were certainly rooted in a profound dislike of the American system and American exceptionalism. While there might be some who disagree with me about the others, hopefully every conservative can agree that Obama didn’t love America.

But after all that we finally got Trump. After years upon years of presidents squandering our power and treasure, wasting the lives of soldiers and ruining the lives of workers, helping China and Iraq rise while letting America crumble, we finally got a president that did everything he could to make America a better place. Unlike HW he cut taxes. Unlike Clinton he put America above himself. Unlike GW he didn’t send troops to die for no apparent reason. And, unlike Obama, he made America stronger, not weaker. Trump truly loved America.

Biden is a dolt. It’s impossible to know what he thinks because he doesn’t think about anything except what pudding he’s having for dinner.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook

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