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Trump Just Scored Some Major Victories in Texas

Trump gave out 12 endorsements before the Texas primary. According to Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, he went 12 for 12 on those, with everyone he endorsed winning their primary race.

Patrick announced that in a statement to the president, saying, according to Breitbart:

I am proud to tell you that every candidate I asked you to endorse won or is solidly in first place going into a runoff. You were 12-0 with your Texas endorsements last night from my list of recommendations.

“Your key endorsement of strong conservative candidates, who believe in the MAGA policies, who worked hard every day for months was a winning combination over their opponents.

Patrick then went on to highlight that he, in his race, garnered “more votes than any person on the ballot,” with Breitbart reporting that Patrick ended up “with 1.4 million votes and 300,000 more votes than what he received in the 2018 primaries.

Patrick again pinned that victory on Trump, saying that his victory “appears to be an all-time record for any candidate ever in a Texas contested primary” and that Trump’s endorsement was the key part of that, with Patrick telling Trump “I used your endorsement in all of our ads, mailers and was pinned to the top of my Facebook page for months.

It makes sense that Patrick is the one to compliment Trump on his primary endorsements and cozy up to the former president by complimenting him, as the Texas Tribune reports that he’s “Trump’s man in Texas.”

He, being a confirmed Trump partisan, would naturally want to tie himself closer to the ascendant former president, especially if he plans on running for governor and thinks Trump’s endorsement could help him clinch a victory there.

But batting 1.000 on primary picks wasn’t Trump’s only good news from the Texas primaries. He also made major inroads with groups that traditionally vote Democrat, namely Hispanics. As Politico reports:

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Republicans have long argued that Donald Trump’s gains in majority-Hispanic South Texas were not a one-time deal and, instead, the beginning of a larger trend.

The primary results on Tuesday night proved they’re right.

The GOP saw continued strong turnout in the state’s southernmost border counties in the latest display that Trump’s gains among Hispanic voters were no anomaly.

Politico adds that those groups are also proudly running for office under the MAGA banner, saying:

With the GOP continuing to pump money into South Texas and more Hispanic Republicans, particularly women, running for office, there are signs the traditional balance of power in the longtime Democratic stronghold is beginning to shift.

“We want to show Hispanics that this is what the Republican Party looks like. It looks just like them,” said Mayra Flores, who won the GOP nomination for her South Texas-based congressional seat. “We were raised to think that the Republican Party was for the rich and only white men and that’s not true. Look at us. We are the face of the party.”

So, not only did Trump choose well in Texas, picking winners that will theoretically be indebted to him, but his movement has gained yet more support from new groups, adding to his ability to weather the left’s attacks and win again in 2024.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.