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Trump Just Made a Massive Move to Remove McConnell from Power

Trump, if he runs in 2024, and even if he wins, might still face a massive problem: the RINO holdouts within the GOP. If kept around when an actually conservative president like Trump makes it to the office, those egocentric limp noodles are able to gum up the works, damaging, indeed destroying, the conservative movement that they theoretically support.

One such RINO is particularly bad about that given the leadership position he holds: Mitch McConnell.

That’s not to say that McConnell is, like Romney, always a RINO. On some issues, most famously judges, McConnell is a bit of a fighter; we have him to thank for all the conservative judges pushed into the court system under Trump.

But, on other things, he’s a RINO, not a conservative. Take the budget issue, for example.

Back when the Democrats were trying to push through a budget that included their infrastructure bill, McConnell held all the power. He could have stopped, or at least seriously retarded, them from passing a massively wasteful bill.

Manchin was on the GOP’s side, Biden was already unpopular, all McConnell had to do was hold the line and demand a responsible budget.

But he didn’t. He, being a RINO, preferred “collaboration” and “bipartisanship” to representing the wishes of his constituents, so he gave in without all that much of a fight.

Trump, blasting him for doing so, said:

Mitch McConnell has given away the Unfrastructure Bill and will soon be giving away the Build Back Worse Bill, which will change the very fabric of our society. This was all made possible by the two-month extension he gave the Democrats, the separation of the two Bills, and, most importantly, his lack of courage in playing the Debt Ceiling Card. He has grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory! How this guy can stay as Leader is beyond comprehension—this is coming not only from me, but from virtually everyone in the Republican Party. He is a disaster and should be replaced as “Leader” ASAP!

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Well, now Trump, who obviously hasn’t forgotten McConnell’s RINO tendencies, is taking steps to get McConnell out of office, or at least out of his leadership position. As Breitbart reports:

“You should run for Senate majority leader,” Trump pitched Scott at Mar-a-Lago this week, according to Politico Playbook. Scott reportedly did not oppose Trump’s idea, perhaps putting in motion designs to replace establishment McConnell with conservative Scott.

Senator Rick Scott is a real fighter. Despite not being as high-profile as some supposed conservatives, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Scott has managed to remain a constant conservative and stay away from any major missteps. Nor has he trended towards becoming a RINO, something that happens to many notable “conservatives.”

So, unlike some of Trump’s picks, Scott seems to be a good one. Now all he’d have to do is, after 2022, run for the leadership position. With Trump and the MAGA movement behind him, he’d have a good shot at winning, particularly if the GOP didn’t want to self-destruct by pissing off Trump.

And that’s just what we need; when the GOP returns to power, it needs to be able to wield it. Having a RINO in leadership will just limit its ability to do so.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.