Monday, March 1, 2021
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Trump is Winning Election Lawsuits. Adjudicated Ones Have Gone 2:1 in His Favor

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Don’t Be Fooled, Trump Is Winning Election Lawsuits

Whenever the brazen voter fraud from the 2020 election is brought up, the common refrain from the “victorious” left is that neither Trump nor those who sued on his behalf have won any lawsuits.

Of course, now that they’re in power, the idea that the courts might be wrong, or perhaps even hostile to a populist iconoclast like Trump is utterly ridiculous, as is the suggestion that there were real problems left unadjudicated, such as Zuckerberg’s potentially illegal actions. As with most things, their thinking is probably wrong on that count. But, regardless, the idea it is premised on isn’t even true. Despite what the problematic MSM is saying, Trump is winning election lawsuits.

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Here’s what Life Site News had to say about the fact that Trump is winning election lawsuits:

“Physicist John Droz … assembled a team of his fellow scientists and engineers – all volunteers – to take a close look at the lawsuits that have been filed, all of which are a matter of public record, and to summarize the results. This is no easy task, since there have been 80 lawsuits filed in connection with the 2020 presidential election by Trump or on his behalf…

The summary report, called β€œ2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits Related to Election Integrity,” strips the excess verbiage of which lawyers are so fond, leaving the bare essentials of the lawsuits: What issues were at stake, how each case was treated by the courts, what evidence was objectively analyzed and, finally and most importantly, who won and who lost

Of the 80 total lawsuits, 34 have either been withdrawn, consolidated with other suits, or dismissed due to legal technicalities such as lack of standing, timing, or jurisdiction. Those judges who dismissed suits never heard the actual evidence of election irregularities and/or fraud, since they did not allow it to be presented in their courtrooms. Such cases cannot be counted as a loss for Trump. If anything, they are evidence of a failure of our judicial system to – at a moment of national crisis – actually address election fraud.

Of the 46 remaining lawsuits, 25 cases are still ongoing, so that the winner and loser of these cases is yet to be determined, while 21 have been completely adjudicated. These are cases where the court heard arguments, considered any relevant evidence, and then issued a formal ruling on the merits. 

You may be surprised to learn that, of these 21 cases, Trump has won 14 and lost 7.  

In other words, Trump has won two-thirds of the cases to date that have been adjudicated by the courts.”  

So yes, many cases are still being heard and the results of them are far from determined. And some have been tossed out, although whether or not they should have been is disputable. But, of the courses heard and fully adjudicated, Trump has won a substantial majority of them. In other words, despite why lying leftists say, Trump is winning election lawsuits.

The left would like to pretend that Trump was completely defeated and was merely leading on his supporters when he claimed that the election was stolen, the votes were suspicious, and the voting machines potentially inaccurate.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as the fact that Trump is winning election lawsuits shows. He wasn’t lying; he was telling the truth. Why else would he be winning cases? Why else would Time, yes, Time Magazine, have released a report on how the elites rigged the election?

Thanks to the fraud disputed in these lawsuits, Trump is out of office right now. But we can have him back in 2024 if we keep fighting! Show you will by ordering one of these FREE hats here: I Love My Freedom

The point of continuing to litigate these cases and explore the issues presented in them isn’t to install Trump as president. Only the tin-hat crowd believes that could happen. It is rather to try to find and fix the issues with the electoral system in 2020. Few of the cases allege outright voter fraud; while many of us believe it happened, proving so in a court is exceptionally difficult. Instead, they are about the form of the election- how it was carried out and what issues attended the process, of which there were many. It is only through exploring what went wrong and why that we can potentially fix it before next time.

The election was rigged, as the fact that Trump is winning election lawsuits shows. If we don’t fight back now and ensure that the issues present in 2020 are corrected by 2022, then there might never be a free and fair election in America again. Voter fraud will likely always be an issue. That’s undeniable and unavoidable. But the issues regarding the rigged and potentially illegal processes of the 2020 election can be fixed. By following through with these lawsuits and publishing their results, perhaps we can get them fixed.

Trump is winning election lawsuits; that’s important because it vindicates many of his claims regarding a rigged election. Spread the word so that the patriots he and we desperately need to speak out know to do so.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. If the preponderance of the evidence supports the assertions that there was significant fraud in the election, Congress is duty bound to declare the Election 2020 Results as void, and to establish a schedule for a new election ASAP.

  2. I believe if the remaining cases yet to be decided get to be heard he will end up with more wins than losses. After watching Mike Lindells report I hope some of this evidence can be looked at by the courts since the DOJ doesn’t seem to be looking into it and maybe we can get some answers.

  3. We see the Hegalian dialectic operating throughout this faux impeachment, Thesis/antithesis/compromise with evil. It works, but not every time. Regognition of the dialectic as part of dialectical materialism, the taproot of agitprop communist revolution, causes the association of accusation with guilt to go silent. We listen to the dialectic with deaf ears and wait for diligence and due process outcomes.

  4. I have a real beef with the use of “standing” as it is used in the courts. It’s like if you personally have not suffered a loss we will not hear the case. It goes against logic and fairness in life. I mean, I might not have the money to pursue my grievance in court but someone else that does have the means wishes to fight my legal matter for me cannot. But, perhaps this person of means can hire a lawyer on my behalf. I believe standing is used way too often to stop serious litigation for frivolous reasons.


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