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President Trump is Helping Black Americans Right Now

The Quote about How President Trump is Helping Black Americans

“My admin has done more for the Black community than any President since Abraham Lincoln. Passed opportunity zones with @SenatorTimScott, guaranteed funding for HBCU’s, school choice, passed criminal justice reform, lowest black unemployment, poverty, and crime rates in history..and the best is yet to come!” -How President Trump is helping black Americans

My Take

Despite what the protesters and rioters across the nation might be saying about our president and his administration being “racist,” I think that it is an indisputable fact that President Trump is helping black Americans.

Past presidents, mainly Democratic ones, have claimed they did so. Except for Lincoln, who Trump mentions in the above tweet, and perhaps Eisenhower, who are both Republicans, you should note, no other presidents have done anything even remotely similar to what Trump has done for the black community.

President Lyndon Johnson, for example, claimed to have done so with his Great Society and War on Poverty programs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those programs led to massive bills for the government, which translated into a higher national debt and higher taxes, both of which are bad for all Americans.

Similarly, President Obama came into office on the claim that he was there to help all Americans, but especially black Americans. Of course, he didn’t do so. His Big Government programs did nothing more than drive up the national debt, create an environment of economic stagnation, drive up taxes, and cause race relations to reach a low point not seen since the Civil Rights era.

On the other hand, President Trump is helping black Americans, and indeed all Americans, by doing what his Democrat and RINO predecessors refused to do. He unleashed the American economy by crafting deregulatory policies and cutting taxes. Those policies, before the Chinese flu killed the economy, at least, were working. Capitalism is the best force one can use to fight poverty and, now that Trump freed it from the shackles of the state, it is working brilliantly and allowing Americans of every stripe to live out the American dream.

Obama’s era saw sky-high unemployment rates and one of the slowest economic recoveries ever. Trump’s term, so far, has seen record levels of job creation, a skyrocketing stock market, and an economy that rewards innovators and entrepreneurs rather than rent seekers and bureaucrats of the type Ayn Rand warned about in Atlas Shrugged. And those policies created the best economic situation ever for minorities, which is further evidence that President Trump is helping black Americans.

As Thomas Sowell said, capitalism and racism can’t coexist. The two are diametrically opposed to each other; either a tribal view or race or a single-minded focus on profits have to take precedence. And as we’ve seen the past few years, President Trump is helping black Americans, and indeed all Americans, by allowing all Americans to focus on profits rather than tribal identities.

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Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the Democrats are completely unwilling to recognize that. They hate the idea that a Republican, especially a Republican like President Donald Trump, could ever do anything for a black community. That goes against the narrative they are using to fan the flames of unrest in America, so they do everything they do to combat it.

But the truth is that President Trump is helping black Americans. And whatever they might say, Democrats can’t prove otherwise. That’s why Trump’s support among black Americans is sky-high for Republicans. He’s not a racist, he’s a capitalist.

And, again, as Thomas Sowell said in his quote on capitalism, capitalists cannot truly be racists. Or, if they are, they cannot act on those racist thoughts. That is because capitalists want to maximize profits. They work tirelessly to give themselves and their companies small advantages over the competition, so why would a capitalist refuse to sell to a certain ethnic group? That would just mean less profit and makes no sense.

And President Trump is certainly a capitalist. While he might have some protectionist positions on trade policy, he definitely wants Americans to be free to do what they want in the marketplace. And by Americans, I mean all Americans. President Trump is helping black Americans because he wants every law-abiding citizen to be able to succeed in America.

Nowhere is Trump’s love of capitalism and the benefits it brings more obvious than the economic opportunity zones in cities, which are the main why by which President Trump is helping black Americans and fighting poverty with capitalism.

Those economic opportunity zones are a way to fight poverty because they empower the individual- namely entrepreneurs and innovators, to try to better society in a way that they might not otherwise be able to do. By giving tax benefits to investors, economic opportunity zones allow some of America’s most depressed areas to recover from the clutches of poverty and rebuild.

As Robert Heinlein said, poverty is man’s natural condition. That is as true for black Americans as any other group. But what Trump realizes is that poverty can be defeated, mainly by means of allowing the best and brightest in society to break out of their current state and build a better future. President Trump is helping black Americans by helping them recognize that and take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them by the American system.

By: Gen Z Conservative