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Trump is Helping All Americans with His Pro-Capitalism Policies


Democrats like to pretend that they’re the party that helps minorities the most. They say Republicans only care about middle and upper class whites, while they are the champions of the minorities and lower-class white. Frankly, nothing is further from the truth. Trump is helping all Americans and Democrats are helping nobody.

Despite Trump’s incredible success at fighting poverty with capitalism and using tax cuts to stimulate the economy, liberals insist that he’s only helping “the rich,” who they hate. But that’s just incorrect, as former Rep. Allen West points out in a recent Daily Caller piece entitled “Democrats Talk the Race Talk, President Trump Walks the Walk.”

Summary of How President Trump is Helping All Americans

First, West points out that Democrat efforts to woo minorities towards their side consist largely of pandering, not creating effective policies. their “outreach” consists of inane generalities and shameful pandering, not real policies.

Then, he describes how Democrats can’t compete with Trump because he has actually helped minority communities, and all other areas of America, through effective economic policies. Democrats can’t compete with that because economic prosperity is what all Americans want.

Next, West describes some key features of Trump’s booming economy:

“The U.S. economy is certainly great now. It’s great for all kinds of Americas- white, black, all of us.

…America’s unemployment remains under four percent- nowhere near the 10 percent seen during the Obama years…

Wherever they look, Americans can find career opportunities that make financial security more attainable than ever.”

From: The Daily Caller

After giving more examples of how Trump is helping all Americans, West ends his article by describing why Trump is making inroads with minority communities. Trump is winning over minorities because he’s doing the work to make their llives better.

My Take on West’s Article

To me, this article was just further evidence that former Rep. West understands the true American mindset. My first inkling to that was when I saw and wrote about his quote on citizenship; it takes firearm ownership to truly make you a citizen rather than a subject. Further research confirmed my initial thoughts about him, and this article on how President Trump is helping all Americans reinforced that opinion.

More importantly, this article espouses a viewpoint that Republicans need to get comfortable with; the party has to find ways to express in a non-paternizing way that it is the party that will help poor communities around the nation, whether they’re white communities in Appalachia falling apart because of the obsolescence of coal and addiction to opioids or inner city communities dying from a lack of jobs and plethora of crime. Anyone who understands the value of hard work and behaving morally can be a conservative, not just elite whites.

The best way to make that argument is to just point out that Democrat policies have hurt poor and minority communities far more that they have helped. Since the advent of the social welfare policies described in The Best and The Brightest and The Affluent Society, the communities those policies were supposed to help have fallen apart. That utter collapse is well recorded in sections of The Bell Curve, The Great Degeneration, Dreamland, and Coming Apart. As Kanye West said, it appears as if Democrat policies are meant to keep blacks on the Democratic plantation, not help them become economically self-sufficient.

Trump, on the other hand, is doing just the opposite. Tax cuts put more money in those workers’ pockets. His creation of Economic Opportunity Zones has revitalized decaying areas. And, most importantly, his enthusiastic embrace of capitalism has helped reassure investors and corporations so that they are willing to invest in America once again. By improving investment opportunities and making depressed areas lucrative once again, Trump is helping all Americans, especially the downtrodden.

Through those policies, Trump is helping all Americans. Democrats only want to mislead voters and help themselves, as you can see through the lens of Biden’s corrupt behavior in regards to Ukraine, which was recently exposed in the Hunter Biden emails.

Conclusion to How Trump is Helping All Americans

More conservatives need to loudly proclaim that Trump is helping all Americans. That fact, more than anything else, is what will get him reelected.

Years of Obama led to a terrible situation. America’s economy was shuddering under the strain of Atlas Shrugging. Businesses were setting up their headquarters abroad to avoid sky-high taxes and overbearing regulation. The American creed of hard work was almost forgotten.

In a few short years, Trump changed that. Say what you will about his foreign policy and tariffs, but his domestic economic policy has been spot on and has helped the most vulnerable in America the most of all. The fac that Trump is helping all Americans is indisputable.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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