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Trump is Everyone’s President

Trump is Everyone’s President

Trump is Everyone's President

Trump is Everyone’s President:

Trump is the President of the United States, whether our friends on the left like that or not. If you’re in America, he’s your president. That’s just how American politics and American Presidents work.

It gets me so mad when people act like just because they don’t like him, despite the fact that President Donald Trump is a leader with some backbone and has a high intelligence, they don’t have to think that he’s their president. He is! It’s utterly ridiculous to think otherwise.

Furthermore, I can’t see why people are upset that Trump is everyone’s President. He is a leader with a backbone. The Trump economy is booming. His tax cuts are good for all. Everything is going well for America because of Trump, yet the left still hates him. To me, that’s crazy. Why on Earth would they possibly despise a man that loves America so much? It makes no sense!

The only two explanations I can think of are relatively simple ones. The first is that they are suffering from a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That would explain their nonsensical hatred of our great president. The other explanation is that in the same way that Bernie’s agenda is a sham, every Democrat talking point is a sham; they have to make up things to say about him and fake outrage because they have no real solution.s

It is most likely a mix of those two things that drive Democrat hatred of Trump. But still, for the life of me I can’t understand it.

Trump is everyone’s president. That is indisputable. But, it should be celebrated rather than viewed as a horrible thing. He’s simply wonderful!

By: Gen Z Conservative