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Watch: Trump Drops Jaws with What Might Be His Funniest Insult Yet

Donald Trump is the man. The former president calls it like it is and doesn’t hold back his analysis. And how often is he wrong? Rarely? Ever?

The fact that Trump even has to say certain things sadly represents our decaying commitment to truth and reality, but since society’s decline is happening all over it’s either get someone like Trump to point it out or collapse alongside everyone else.

In a recent appearance in Georgia, Trump let loose on a variety of topics, as he always does. There were attacks against the spineless Brian Kemp, whom Trump supported in 2018 but should and will likely be primaried in 2024 after his cowardly acceptance of election results. There were the usual attacks on Joe Biden, whom Trump noted has done more damage in fifteen months than the five worst presidents in history have done cumulatively to damage America.

And, of course, there was this moment when discussing climatistas like John Kerry and they’re insane – I would argue evil, since the environmental movement is rooted in economic and societal transformation rather than preserving nature – focus on ocean levels and warming temperatures.

“And yet you have people like John Kerry worrying about the climate. The climate! Ah, I heard that the other day. Here we are, the guy is threatening us. He’s worried about – 

The ocean will rise one-hundredth of one percent over the next three-hundred fucking years.”

Roars of laughter can then be heard at the end of the clip.

It’s a fantastic soundbite, and it will drive leftists mad. They adore the climate change narrative and they absolutely loathe Trump for his perceived crudeness.

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Attacking Climate Czar/Saint John Kerry while simultaneously dropping an f-bomb checks off two boxes in the same sentence.

A head or two might literally have exploded. Of course, it’s all a sham, because if Trump had gotten up on stage and politely said Al Gore and John Kerry were right they’d still hate him.

The clip also plays into Trump’s long-standing politics warning against economic failure if current iterations of green technology are forcefully foisted upon America. We simply are not ready to replace fossil fuels cheaply and efficiently.

Moreover, the fake climate movement exposes itself for the fraud it is since they won’t embrace clean and super powerful nuclear energy. He withdrew from the Paris Accords during his tenure and amazingly carbon emissions still dropped. It’s as if we don’t need arbitrary and consequence-free globalist dictates telling us what to do that’s in America’s best interest.

Go figure.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative