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Trump Cures Cancer Meme

Trump Cures Cancer Meme:

Trump cures Cancer Meme

My Thoughts on this Trump Cures Cancer Meme

Sadly, this Trump cures cancer meme is so true. Democrats would hate Trump even if he cured cancer! They’re interested in hating him, not helping America. And that, I think, is the poison eating away at the roots of our political system. As I mentioned in my “Thank You to These Presidents Meme” post, both Democrats and Republicans used to love America. Whether a Republican president or Democrat president was in charge, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle stood up to support our country.

Sadly, that is no longer the case. Instead, we now have an entire party (the Democratic party, which is a mess) that is devoted solely to eroding the public’s faith in our democratically elected president. That is both ridiculous and incredibly dangerous.

What are the consequences of the Democrats illogical hatred of President Donald Trump? Well one result has been the awful Mueller report and its aftermath. That report has destroyed a huge segment of the population’s confidence in our president and political system. And the Mueller report was founded on nothing more than a flimsy report paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump. The Democrats just want to get Trump out of the White House at any cost.

Another consequence is that Americans not hate each other in increasing numbers. Republicans recognize all the good President Donald Trump has done since he was elected. Trump has cut taxes and regulation, used his backbone to make us internationally respected (as shown by his strong performance at the G20 summit), and so far has kept us out of any new wars. So we Republicans defend him. Democrats on the other hand, have an irrational hatred of him. So they rant and rave and protest. And their ridiculous protesting has led to a fractured and angry society.

Democrats need to shape up and get reasonable. If things like the recent Antifa attacks continue, then soon we won’t have a society to argue about anymore. Instead we will just have angry and divided factions. Learn from this Trump Cures Cancer meme and help your friends on the left become more reasonable.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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