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A Hilarious Trump Climate Change Meme

My Thoughts on this Trump Climate Change Meme

Climate change has become a huge political issue. And if it’s real, then it’s a huge global issue. So is the other issue referenced in this, the ability of many to have a rational and reasonable political discussion. But, sometimes it’s worthwhile to make a joke about issues like those, as this Trump climate change meme does.

President Trump really is “melting the snowflakes.” Everyone who has thin skin, Republican and Democrat alike, has been “triggered” by him. Free trade Republicans and libertarians have huge problems with his trade policies and seem to think that the sky is falling every time he announces a new tariff on China.

Yes, free trade is a great policy and leads to increased prosperity for many, as I wrote about in “A Free Analogy.” Personally, I agree much more with free trade than protectionism. But, in the grand scheme of things, Trump’s tariffs aren’t that consequential.

Once viewed in the context of all global trade, they’re really not that big. I wrote about that in “The Real Scale of Trump’s Tariffs.” Free trade advocates need to take a minute to calm down and have a rational discussion about trade, but they should also, to be sure, take the costs of globalization into account. Yes, we should embrace Adam Smith’s brand of free-trade and capitalism. But, at the same time, we need to remember what is truly important. We must hold onto American industry, not just corporate profits.

Trump realizes that, and liberals hate him for it, as shown by this Trump climate change meme. Trump triggers the left with his correct policy viewpoints and funny press conferences and they fall for it every time, making fools of themselves in the process. I can’t believe it works every time he does it!

Relatedly, as also shown by this Trump climate change meme, many Democrats have forgotten how to have a rational and respectful political discussion. Every single time Trump does anything deemed even remotely non-politically correct, one of our friends on the left panics. Many are still able to remain calm and rational. But, many aren’t and instead of acting as they should, they panic and freak out about Trump. I love this Trump climate change meme because it shows just that.

The left can’t handle Trump. They don’t understand his personality, his political tactics, or how he’s able to trigger them so easily. Nor are they insightful enough to realize that perhaps they’d have a better chance at attracting moderates in 2020 if they got over their Trump Derangement syndrome and started acted rationally.

The most recent example of that was when President Donald Trump announced that he would be giving a speech on Independence Day. Instead of waiting to see what he said, many on the left and right panicked. They should have waited to see what he said; he stuck to the script and gave a patriotic speech. The sky wasn’t falling, but still, everyone melted, exactly as this Trump climate change meme says. That’s just one of the many reasons that every day is Christmas with President Donald Trump.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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