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Trump Border Wall Meme

My Thoughts on this President Trump Border Wall Meme:

I think that this Trump border wall meme is great because not only is it funny, but it also shows how many Americans feel about the need for border security and a border wall.

Yes, many Americans might be against a border wall. Potentially, we could find a better solution to the illegal immigration crisis. And it is a crisis. Border security is national security, but for the past few years, our politicians have been acting like it isn’t. It is as if they do not understand the historical fact that past mass migrations have led to the collapse of civilizations, a fact that Dan Carlin documents well in The End is Always Near.

Until President Donald Trump was elected, we had almost no real attempts at preventative border security. Masses of illegal aliens flowed across the southern border unimpeded. Sometimes those illegal aliens and those smugglers are even armed, as I describe in “Armed Invaders at the Border.”

Luckily, President Trump saw that that was a problem, was unhappy by it (as this Trump Border Wall meme shows), and set out to fix it. That’s why he’s been such a successful president; he fixes things. A physical barrier will at least slow the migrants down and give Border Patrol agents time to apprehend them.

Unlike our politicians, common Americans understand illegal immigration. They, like Trump in the top half of this Trump border wall meme, are unhappy that there is no physical border barrier to stop the massive flows of migrants. Politicians might not understand the illegal immigration crisis. But the American people do. And they want reform. The border has to be protected.

If it isn’t, hordes of migrants will continue to pour across. Yes, they might be good people just looking at economic opportunity. But civilizations can’t survive unimpeded migration. The Roman Empire, perhaps the world’s greatest civilization thus far, fell to unimpeded migration. Palestine, as I write about in my review of The Great War for Civilization, fell because of all the Jewish migrants that poured in and created Israel. While I empathize with those Jewish immigrants to Palestine and think that they are the good guys, it is a good lesson. If we want to preserve our nation and culture, we can’t let that happen to America.

There are many people who recognize the issue noted in this Trump border wall meme. That issue is that America does not have enough border security, much less an actual border wall that would keep out all the bad guys.

And bad guys they are. They are the drug traffickers and producers of Narconomics, the people who commit atrocious crimes in the nation they illegally came to, and, worst of all over the long term, the people who have no regard for America’s culture, a culture that has existed since after the revolution. As Samuel Huntington describes in Who Are We?, the illegal immigrants flowing across the border do not care about preserving that culture. In fact, at times they seem to be actively trying to destroy it.

This Trump border wall meme gets to the root of the issue; America needs a border wall, and it needs it now.

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By: Gen Z Conservative


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