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Boom: Trump Just Announced What He’ll Do First If Elected in 2024

What will Trump’s key priority be if we manage to ride the red wave that Brandon’s utter incompetence has caused and sweep him into office in 2024? Will he go on a Sulla-like campaign of vindictive, direct action against those who betrayed him in the 2017 to 2021 era? Will he make the same mistake as in his first term and focus on RINO priorities like tax cuts? Or will he find a policy that unites Americans behind him and makes us all better off?

Fortunately, both for America and our chances of getting Trump back into the White House, it looks like that last option is what he’s currently planning.

Speaking about such a scenario to the Epoch Times, Trump said:

“First of all, the wall, even for him,” Trump said referring to Xi. “You know why? Because when he sees millions of people pouring into our country, he loses respect for our country.” The interview will premiere at 8 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 7.

“When [he] and Putin and Kim Jong Un and Iran’s leaders, when they’re watching millions of people walk into our country … they lose respect.”

Trump is right. When America lets hordes of illegals rush across the border, our enemies and adversaries don’t see us as kind-hearted humanitarians. They see us as weak and foolish, an opponent that can be easily tricked and taken advantage of.

We need the wall not just because it will keep out illegals, but because it will force other nations to see that America is back to being strong and is willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Trump then went on to emphasize the importance of the wall again in the interview, saying:

It’s so easy. You close it up, you’ve got to close it up. And that would send a big signal, a really big signal.

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And then you’ve got to get their respect again. How do you do that?” the former president added. “You do that by making sure that they know that this country is here, and it’s here to stay and we’re not going to take any nonsense.

Our enemies don’t take us seriously now that Brandon is in the White House. While everyone abroad, from our allies to our enemies, might have found Trump insufferable or difficult to deal with, they respected him because he represents American vigor and strength. He wouldn’t be humiliated and wouldn’t let America be humiliated either. That might have made their lives more difficult, but it made Americans better off.

Now we have the opposite. Brandon the bumbling idiot is nothing if not a symbol of American decline and weakness; from his many gaffes to his obvious senility, he’s like the American version of a Late Empire-era emperor or one of the many gray-haired men that ran the USSR into the ground in its days. His policies are even worse than he is, making all of us worse off, and the border crisis that’s developed under his presidency is case in point of that.

When Trump sweeps back into power, he’ll need to correct that. Building the wall will be an excellent first step.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.