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WATCH: Freedom Trucker Destroys Smug, Leftist Reporter

The leftist reporters are often just as smug as they are ill-informed, as incompetent as they are radical, as out to get their political enemies as they are inexperienced in real life and the concerns of average people.

All of that was put on full display in Canada, where a leftist “reporter” covering the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa was absolutely demolished by a hard-working trucker. Watch that brilliant display here, as the reporter quickly went on Twitter to whine about being shown up by one of his betters:

As you can hear in the video, the soyboy CBC journalist approached the trucker to ask what he thought of  The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa’s “investigation” of “child welfare concerns at the ongoing trucker protest in the city’s downtown area.” Apparently, the leftists, not content with smearing their enemies as fascists, decided to kick it up a notch and start taking away the children of those that don’t bend the knee to the regime. What tolerant people!

The trucker replied with some gems, lines we should all use with the detestable reporters of this CBC apparatchik’s ilk, saying:

“The [police are] gonna come in here and do what to my kids? I have two teenagers here that’re in my car. Are they in danger?”

“You don’t give a sh*t about nobody, all you care about is your paycheck. You sold your soul a long time ago.”

“You work for the devil, that’s who you work for. …go f*ck yourself.”

For reference, here’s what The Week reports that that “Aid Society” is up to and what the reporter was asking about:

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The Ottawa Police Service said in a statement Wednesday that police are working with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa to investigate and address “child welfare concerns” at the ongoing trucker protest in the city’s downtown area.

“Police have a role to play in observing any potential dangers and will report them immediately to CASO. In matters that involve a child or youth who is in the protest area, CASO will work closely with the OPS to respond to the concern,” the statement read.

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is funded by the Ontario government and is empowered to seize children from families if necessary.

The reporter was making a not so indirect threat that the government would take the trucker’s kids if he didn’t back down, yet that wasn’t enough.

He wasn’t cowed by the threats, he didn’t give in and avoid conflict with the regime out of fear. No, he stood up to the reporter and said what we all want to say to the MSM hacks: “go f*ck yourself.”

Why was he right to say that? Because we all know what he was doing and are sick and tired of their lies, tricks, and gimmicks. As reported on Crowder’s website, where I first saw the story:

The reporter was just “asking questions” to get an answer he could chop up and take out of context. You would think by now the press would realize we can see through them and know what they’re doing. Most reporters broadcast their douchebaggery all over Twitter. They aren’t fooling anyone.

No they aren’t. Rather, we’re finally learning how to stand up to and defeat such reprehensible people as “Mr.” Tunney.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.