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How does one say Trojan Horse in Chinese?

By: David Gignac

Joe Biden didn’t just betray America and the citizens that trust the man who holds the title of President of the United States. No, he betrayed the entire western world.

Having departed from Afghanistan in the middle of the night and leaving our allies, civilians, civilian contractors, an airbase, equipment, weapons, and pride in that armpit of the universe, Joe Biden betrayed the West.

Our staunchest ally, Great Britain, is holding Bloody Biden in contempt over his handling of Afghanistan and the traitorous way that he withdrew our support for the allied government that has relied on our support to hold off the Taliban for 20 years. The Brits are also, thanks to Slow Joe’s disastrous policies, desperately trying to extract their citizens and forces left unprotected from the Taliban. And the most perplexing part was there wasn’t an urgent need. The situation was stable, expenditure of blood and treasure was minimal, American combat casualties practically non-existent, and we could have extracted ourselves and our allies in an orderly fashion, turned out the lights, and come home.

I have sympathy for the view that after 20 years it is time to exit that part of the world. Nobody wants to spend time in the country formed through a process that Kippling called “The Great Game” between Russia and Great Britain. Since then it has been fought and abandoned by many interior warlords, including the Taliban, who care less about a unified country and more about independent tribalism that defies external conquerors. From Alexander the Great to The Soviet Union, Great Britain to the United States, it has famously been called the graveyard of empires and may live up to that title again if the Biden regime remains in charge.

On my computer this morning there was an advertisement for ‘Lower My Bills .com’ that has a caricature of Joe Biden, dancing and a caption that says ‘Biden is on a roll’. I had to include that fact because, to my mind, he is rolling out the CCP master plan cooked up with the help of Hunter Biden to sell out the planet, “Big Guy” style, to the Globalists that will run the world as their own little fiefdom with Communist China as the model government of the surveillance state. 

But it remains to be asked, why was it done like this? Although Slow Joe gave the order, we all know his trip through the briefing room was a show for the people who are still not awake. It is obvious to anyone who has lived immersed in the water of American politics since 2016 that Joe Biden is a shill appointed by a coterie of powerful interests to preside over the destruction of The United States.

Since Hillary whiffed at her shoe-in election in 2016, she and all of the Clinton money-vacuum organizations have lost their mojo and the cash rivers have slowed to trickles and the deep state octopus has been scrambling to regain control and get back on schedule.

Susan Rice, that disgrace of a Deep State rat that (mis)managed the Benghazi excuse and cover-up, seems to be running the White House from behind the scenes. She is in the perfect place to be coordinating events and analyzing after-action reports. Ms. Rice was picked by Biden/Obama to be Domestic Policy Council in the Biden administration, a strange role for someone like Rice who’s mostly credentialled as a foreign policy expert, having served as National security advisor to Obama, UN ambassador, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and more. She is Deep State personified. When people behind the scenes, those failures who pulled the strings on Saddam Hussein, Benghazi, and Af’stan, meet to plot, she is on speed dial, if not in the room. 

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This is a quote on Daily Wire from two Congressmen (D) Seth Moulton from MA and (R) Peter Meijer from MI who visited Af’stan to see firsthand the situation that this administration is lying about.

“Washington should be ashamed of the position we put our service members in, but they represent the best in America. These men and women have been run ragged and are still running strong. Their empathy and dedication to duty are truly inspiring. The acts of heroism and selflessness we witnessed at HKIA [Hamid Karzai International Airport] make America proud,” the legislators said.

I want to give credit To Thomas Luongo for this clip from his article on Lew Rockwell. He wrote:

“Back to Biden, because he clearly isn’t a guy who will survive this. If he hadn’t spent his one lifetime in service of the most venal forms of corruption I’d almost feel sorry for him because elder abuse is an awful reflection on any society, just like gassing rescue dogs is [referring to events in Australia]. But, like I said, we’re dealing with people who have no soul, no center and only the unquenchable envy that resides in those without those things searching for meaning in their meaningless existence.

So, Biden is not long for this life in the public eye. He is quickly being pushed out of the picture, another dog put down to pave the road to global serfdom.”

From <>

I was gearing up to write something similar when I came across the above passage. I usually like to complete my own thoughts, but this says it so perfectly I didn’t want to corrupt the language.

Kamala Harris sided with rioters burning and looting cities, she has mismanaged every portfolio ever given to her except evidently Willie’s willy. When running for President, she couldn’t get one delegate, she was the absent border Czar handling the border crises, whenever she is confronted with any question she resorts to that annoying cackle and some flip answer, even when talking about dead Americans. She is the worst. Nobody will accept her as POTUS except the Deep State who had to have an intersectional VP to hide slow white Joe from the sheep.

So who is next? Aunt Nancy?

God help us, what has become of America, is there not a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson to save us?

The fact is that nothing coming from this government can be trusted, including  (maybe especially) CoV2 health info.

I find myself hoping that Joe Biden can hold out until maybe June of 2022 so we have a chance to slow the spread of the leviathan government.

I’m going to speculate that the rabid pursuit of vaccinating everyone, with the liberal use of government coercion and force to achieve that goal, along with Planned Parenthood’s similarly rabid pursuit of ending the life of humans in the womb, are somehow (no matter how well hidden) joined at the hip.

Big Pharma uses fetal tissue to create all kinds of ‘scientific wonders’ and the fact that they have to destroy innocent life (regardless of what strained Supreme Court Jurisprudence says) matters nothing to either the people who end the lives or the people who buy the gruesome by-products.

Like the defendants in the Nuremberg trials, sick men who collected possessions from those slated to perish, these scientists collect the detritus of genocide to enrich themselves and likewise should be prosecuted.

So we are left with; is this a Deep State push to tear down the USA and start WW3?

How much of Biden/Obama complicity is interwoven with these events? I believe the events in Afghanistan are the start of a larger strategy against American independence and I think this Democratic administration, at the very least, is at the nexus of the plot. The rest of the world is aghast at how we have just abandoned everybody we have contact with at the capricious whim of a senile placeholder whose sole agenda seems to be undue everything ever done by anyone AOC and the squad doesn’t like, which means basically anyone to the political right of Chairman Mao.

Our ‘leaders’ are importing aliens and Covid from S. America and now from Af’stan complete with fully loaded military weapons and not testing, tracing, or inoculating a single one. I wait moment by moment for things to start blowing up in this country.

Keep your eyes open, if you see a man in a suicide vest, run like hell and find a police officer if you can, the thin blue line will be tested and needs our support like never before.

I urge everyone to read the book from KT McFarland –  Revolution.’ It explains Trump and the plot against him well. In these dark times, it’s a must-read.