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USA SWIMMING OFFICIAL WARNS: Transgender Thomas “Destroying” Sport

Recently resigned USA Swimming Official, Cynthia Millen, doubled down Monday in her condemnation of transgender swimmer Lisa Thomas, a “biological man” competing with woman within the sport.

Millen, who had officiated for over 3 decades, resigned in protest before Thomas shattered another woman’s record at the U.S. Paralympics Swimming National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina, earlier this month.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Millen argued that 22-year old Thomas has an unfair advantage over female athletes, regardless of how many feminizing hormone shots he took. “The fact is that swimming is a sport in which bodies compete against bodies. Identities do not compete against identities. Men are different from women, men swimmers are different from women, and they will always be faster than women,” Millen said.

Thomas has shattered several Penn records this season. The most notable is the 1,650-meter freestyle race, when the second place swimmer came in 38 seconds behind Thomas. Normally, the outcome is within a fraction of a second between first and second place.

In her resignation letter, Millen lamented that Thomas’ success means, “everything fair about swimming is being destroyed.”

Thomas argues that “she’s” entitled to compete with woman athletes because “she’s” taking an ongoing regimen of estrogen on top of testosterone blockers, which is exactly what the NCAA rules state.

Millen called it “horrible,” telling guest host Sean Duffy, “The statement for women then is you do not matter, what you do is not important, and little girls are going to be thrown under the bus by all of this.”

Thomas is “going to be destroying women’s swimming,” she added. “USA swimming recognizes that boys swim differently from girls.”

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Millen went on to explain that mother-nature created men and woman differently. “Boys will always have larger lung capacity, larger hearts, greater circulation, a bigger skeleton, and less fat.”

While Lia Thomas is a child of God, he is a biological male who is competing against women,” Millen continued. “No matter how much testosterone suppression drugs he takes, he will always be a biological male and have the advantage.”

It’s placing women who can never compete with a man at a gross disadvantage by basically … calling this person a female competitor. He’s not. It’s his body that will always be different and always be faster as a competitive swimmer. And it’s this great illusion that somehow, because he feels he’s a female, that he can be a female swimmer. This is grossly unfair to all the women who have worked so hard. Women biologically will never be faster than men.”

The former swimming official expressed that with the pervasive progressive culture sweeping over traditional norms, it would be a “travesty to throw away” the legacy of female Olympians like Janet Evans and Jenny Thompson.

All these women who worked so hard before Title IX when they didn’t have the opportunities that men had,” Millen said. “It would be such a shame, such a travesty to throw it away now. This is what will happen.”

Thomas is attempting to stay out of the limelight, ignoring the widespread backlash from other woman athletes

It’s not healthy for me to read it and engage with it at all, and so I don’t, and that’s all I’ll say on that,” she said.

Perhaps, even more perplexing than gender-bending is the silence coming from those feminist groups.

This story syndicated with permission from My Patriot Post