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Too Fat to Fight: US Troops and Civilians are Too Obese for War

Our Soldiers and Civilians are Too Fat to Fight

America has turned into a nation of weak men. Unfortunately, that weakness applies not just to moral and mental strength, but also physical strength. In fact, according to a shocking recent article on, both US civilians and troops are too fat to fight.

According to the article, the problem starts at the civilian level. Thanks to rising levels of obesity, which brings with it diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer, 20% of male recruits and 40% of female recruits are unfit to serve. They’re too heavy to even make it into basic training, much less make it through! As a result, the military is forced to wait for them to lose weight and then pass them through at the minimum standard. Not exactly a recipe for warfighting success.

But the problem doesn’t stop there. Once the obese troops that are too fat to fight make it through training at the minimum level, they’re still not really ready to be soldiers.

For one, it’s not great that they only passed boot camp by the skin of their teeth. Soldiers are often forced to go to their very limits when in intensive combat, so they need to be in peak physical shape. Not barely managing to 20 pushups. And, as a bit of context, the introductory test they have trouble passing is not particularly difficult. I’ve done it many a time in a college “boot camp” PE class. Despite exercising only about three hours a week and not being the most physically fit, I was able to pass it with flying colors. It’s not overly difficult, they’re just too fat.

Then there’s the attendant problems of being obese. Like most overweight Americans, the troops and recruits that are too fat to fight have joints that wear down faster than normal, other health problems, and struggle with the lack of focus and morale that comes with being at the bottom of the pack.

And finally, it should be remembered that the people volunteering are probably somewhat above average. The typical American doesn’t, only a very small percentage of Americans ever serve in the armed forces. So the ones that do are more motivated, and thus probably less overweight/out of shape than the average American. Statistics hold that to be true: the CDC reports that about 42.4% of Americans are obese, which is larger than the number of current recruits that are too obese to even make it into basic training. So, in the event of a mass draft, an even higher percentage of recruits couldn’t effectively serve their country and fight.

Unfortunately, I doubt this problem will be solved. For one, our decadent society grows fatter by the year and the left uses Orwellian newspeak to say that being fat is beautiful, so it’s unlikely many Americans will change their exercise or eating habits. Additionally, as shown by Biden’s Stalinist purge of the military and the new Sec Def’s focus on wokeness rather than fighting capability, I doubt that the senior brass will take the politically incorrect step of making the “too fat to fight” problem a priority.

If it comes to a major war, such as one with Russia or China, this will be a major problem. In Rosone and Watson’s “Red Storm” series, the military is unable to fill its expanded ranks because of how obese and drug-addled the American population is. That prediction, if this problem isn’t made an immediate priority, will likely become a reality. The population is ~40% obese and shows no signs of getting healthier. We’re in for a world of hurt if we find ourselves relying on a draft.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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