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WATCH: Tomi Lahren Kicks Geraldo’s Butt When He Slanders The Freedom Truckers

Tomi Lahren used to be on the news more. Though she’s still seen in some viral Twitter fights from time to time, she seems to be less prominent than she used to be.

But no matter: she still is great at wrecking libs, RINOs, and Conservative, Inc. hucksters.

And that includes Fox News host Geraldo, an utter embarrassment to the conservative movement that rarely says anything that’s incisive, much less outside of the very narrow box of approved, faux-opposition viewpoints to the ruling leftist regime.

Tomi, appearing on an episode of FNC’s “The Story” the other day, tore him to shreds. Watch the brutal takedown here:

As you can hear in the video, Geraldo attacks the brave, pro-freedom truckers (what else could you expect of a RINO) and labels them as thugs, saying:

Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa. They’ve kept people in the neighborhood awake all night, revving their engines, blowing their horns,” he said. “They deprived Ottawa businesses of tens of millions of dollars.

Now they’re blockading the international bridges. They’re laying off people, cutting their shifts short in automotive assembly plants because they can’t get the parts from Canada to the United States. They used their crowbars to threaten cops who were going to tow their trucks away they were blocking.”

To give them the mantle of freedom fighters is absolutely, appallingly naïve.

What’s naive is his absurd belief that the leftist tiger will eat him last if only he attacks those defending him from it.

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Fortunately, Tomi was there to rip him apart after he slandered the truckers. She, blasting him for his remarks, said:

Listen, the demonization of the working class, the blue collar folks that keep Canada and keep the United States and keep the world running has to end,” she said. “And this is part of the frustration.

These are truckers out there that are standing for their rights and their freedoms. Are there a few bad apples in the group? I’m sure, as with any group. But I wonder what Geraldo would say to our Founding Fathers – those that fought for freedom and the inception of this nation, who stood up for their rights and their freedom.

Would he call them thugs? Would he call them degenerates? That would be my question. Because these are folks out there fighting for their rights and their freedom. Thank goodness they’re doing it. I hope that they remain peaceful.”

If it comes to the United States, I will absolutely support it. This is what needs to be done to get the government elites and the unelected bureaucrats to pay attention to this issue. We’ve done this for two years now. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. People want normalcy and they are demanding it.

She’s right and Geraldo is wrong, it’s just that simple. The Canadian truckers aren’t thugs, they’re pro-liberty heroes.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

9 thoughts on “WATCH: Tomi Lahren Kicks Geraldo’s Butt When He Slanders The Freedom Truckers”

  1. The world supports the Truckers ….. typical democrat he got paid for past two years, no right to say truckers are ruining the economy. I bet he supported BLM rioters, who destroyed towns.

  2. Consider the source. Geraldo is a cringy, pervy sleaze. Stupid man only still on anywhere because of like minded connections.

    1. I have been jabbed 3 times but I support the ones who donot
      want to be jabbed. America is waking up finally. To get America back on track we will all suffer, but it has to be done. As far as Geraldo goes, I consider him. A wet back, a liberal and a Democrat. Hurry up november

  3. Geraldo, you pompous blowhard. These truckers could have just parked their trucks for 2 weeks. They came out in protest to make a point. They are the Patriots. What does that make you. I’m your age. You do remember the Vietnam protests. This is what makes us the strongest nation on the planet. Don’t you forget it! Nuff’said.

  4. Sean Hannity just reported that “Pretty Boy” Trudeau, perhaps taking advice from of all people”Crazy Joe” should confiscate their trucks, imprison them and fine them $100,000 apiece. Never mind that they were crucial in getting us through the the pandemic, they are crucial to our future. Take their trucks! Take their money. Who is going to keep the equipment moving to keep our factories moving? Whose going to keep the stores stocked to keep life going? I hardly think that we will see those useless sloths, such as Trudeau or Biden behind the wheel of a truck helping these countries function. Make peace and allow the personal freedom of deciding to be vaxxed or not. I’m vaxxed ,but I fully respect a person’s right to choose.

  5. He is a privilege old man who is constantly showing us his boat fancy home and the upper class places he goes to. The truckers are the people of this country who keep us going by delivering us the essentials that we need to keep us going. He does’t know what it is to work a hard day to support their families. Stand with them not against them.

  6. The heart of all humanity beats the strongest in the dedication of the working man to his family, his country, and his earned sense of pride in who he is. The men who may once a day be seen opening his yellow-handled Case pocket knife in an attempt to clean under his finger nails. Just one of him is worth more than every Trudeau, every Biden, every Macron all packaged together. And that little white topping of Geraldo sitting on top of that package is still chicken 💩…

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