January 15, 2021

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thomas sowell on welfare

Thomas Sowell on Welfare

The Quote by Thomas Sowell on Welfare

“The welfare state is not really about the welfare of the masses. It is about the egos of the elites.” -Thomas Sowell on Welfare

My Take

I think that this quote by Thomas Sowell on welfare is spot on.

When you read books like Coming Apart and The Great Degeneration, you can see that the welfare policies American politicians have created aren’t really meant to help people long term. No, they’re instead meant to ease the guilt many elites feel for succeeding while so many other people are failing and to boost their egos because they can then see themselves as compassionate saviors of the working class.

To me, that’s incomprehensible. We’re supposed to surrender trillions of dollars as taxes to be handed over to the lower class via wealth redistribution schemes called welfare policies all because the elites want their egos boosted and their consciences satiated? That’s absurd.

Americans don’t need welfare policies. They need opportunities.

Early American leaders such as Benjamin Franklin and James Madison spoke out against welfare policies because they knew those policies aren’t part of the American national spirit. We’re a nation of innovators and doers, not a nation of moochers.

For that reason, Americans need to first demand no new entitlements and then start pushing back on the ones that already exist. First, stop Medicare for All and Elizabeth Warren’s unconstitutional wealth tax. Then, start rolling back normal Medicare and Medicaid (health care is not a right, so we shouldn’t even have those in the first place) and work on finding ways to abolish Social Security.

Those programs don’t help people. They’re just meant to boost the egos of the elite.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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