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Thomas Sowell on Capitalism: It and Racism Can’t Coexist

The Quote by Thomas Sowell on Capitalism

“Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender, and ethnicity cannot be considered within it.” -Thomas Sowell on Capitalism

My Take on Why Capitalism and Racism can’t Coexist

Leftist critics of capitalism make many claims about it. They assert that capitalism is racist. Or that capitalism is sexist. Or that capitalism is anti-immigrant. And so on and so forth.

Of course, all those claims are absurd, as shown by the quote by Thomas Sowell on capitalism. No billionaire, whatever his personal views on race, gender, or ethnicity, made his money through capitalism if he let those prejudices affect his business decisions. Only dictators like Hitler and race-baiting politicos like Jesse Jackson get rich off of peddling racial discontent.

this quote by thomas sowell on capitalism shows how much better Sowell is than Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson: Peddler of Racial Resentment

Capitalism, on the other hand, allows for just the opposite to happen. Rather than having only the (male) leader of the top ethnic group to be in charge and be wealthy, as has been the case for most of history, capitalism allows for the ablest, whatever their race or gender, to grow wealthy and powerful. Isn’t that far better, having a meritocracy where talent rules rather than inherited wealth and privilege?

In any case, that’s the point of this quote by Thomas Sowell on capitalism; true capitalists, in the context of business, at least, see “only green.” Not black or white. Not male or female. No, they see profit or loss, good investments and bad investments. Hence why pro-capitalist literature like Atlas Shrugged and Capitalism and Freedom focus on the profit motive and the benefits it brings to society, whereas literature in support of Big Government, welfare-state policies such as The Affluent Society focuses on racial issues. The left and its socialist supporters care about race, not capitalists like Donald Trump.

In fact, the only way capitalism is ever connected to racial issues is when corporations controlled by leftists start advocating in support of social justice issues. But, that’s not really what is discussed in the above quote by Thomas Sowell on capitalism for two reasons.

New Nike Shoe

The first is that corporate social justice will likely prove to be a short-term fad. Businesses need profits and investors to stay in business (because of capitalism), so if they focus on divisive and unpopular racial issues instead of maximizing profits, then they’ll likely fail. Consumers hate corporate virtue signaling, as shown by America’s reaction to the Nike sneaker scandal, so those race-baiting corporations will lose customers and investors.

The second reason is that corporate virtue signaling isn’t real capitalism. Real capitalism is profit-driven. Companies compete for talent to hire and customers to sell to, not for virtue points from the leftist mob. When they start acting otherwise, they’re not acting in their self-interest and thus will soon collapse. Right now, they’re engaged in a lease on life as they sacrifice cash flow for feel-good points to help bubble-wrapped Americans feel better. I expect we’ll see them start focusing on profits, or “green,” as described in the quote by Thomas Sowell on capitalism now that times are tough because of the Chinese Flu.

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Don’t listen to the absurd leftist claims that capitalism is racist. That’s simply false and absurd. Conversely, capitalism is one of the greatest forces for racial equality to have ever existed. Without capitalism, inherited privilege is what leads to wealth. That’s not too great if you’re a minority or immigrant, is it? On the other hand, with capitalism, intelligence and work ethic are what matter, as George Washington learned during his early life, which is described well in His Excellency: George Washington.

Washington wasn’t born on third base, but because of the immense opportunity granted him in the Americas, the details of which are described in The Coming of the Revolution, he was able to become immensely wealthy The ladder of wealth is available to anyone in society who wants to work hard to climb up it and become wealthy; all they need is their work ethic.

That’s the point of this quote by Thomas Sowell on capitalism and it’s one that all defenders of capitalism must remember. Luckily for us, President Trump did. He helped all Americans, and especially black Americans, by improving their access to opportunities rather than welfare, just as our founders intended. Making choices is what leads to wealth or poverty in America, not some mythical “systemic racism.”

By: Gen Z Conservative