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This Brilliant Move By DeSantis Could Brutally Wreck Pelosi’s Whole House Career and Legacy

Ron DeSantis pressed the Florida legislature into a special meeting to go over Florida’s redistricting plan, a genius move that eventually led to the adoption of his redistricting plan, one which could prove major trouble for the Democrats.

News on that move, that potentially titanic shift in Florida’s districts that could mean yet more trouble for the Democrats in what’s already predicted to be a bad year for them, comes from a new report in FiveThirtyEight, a report which said that:

On Thursday, the Florida Legislature finally caved to DeSantis’s wishes and passed one of his proposed congressional maps — the last major piece in the national redistricting puzzle. And befitting DeSantis’s national reputation (and ambitions), it is a dream map for partisan Republicans, single-handedly adding four new Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives. But while DeSantis’s uncompromising insistence on maximizing Republican power may give him a nice story to tell if he runs for president, it could also be the map’s undoing in court.

Florida’s soon-to-be congressional map (it will go into effect once DeSantis signs it) creates 18 seats with a FiveThirtyEight partisan lean1 of R+5 or redder and only eight seats with a partisan lean of D+5 or bluer. (The remaining two seats fall into the “highly competitive” category between R+5 and D+5.)

This map will significantly shake up Florida’s congressional delegation, as it virtually guarantees that Democrats will lose three of their House seats in Florida: The 7th District goes from a D+5 partisan lean to R+14, the 13th District now has a partisan lean of R+12, and Rep. Al Lawson’s North Florida district is completely refigured into a solidly Republican seat. In addition, the new congressional seat that Florida gained from the 2020 census — numbered the 18th — is dark red under this map, for a GOP gain of four seats in total.

Now, why’s that trouble for Nasty Nancy Pelosi? Because it could cost her a number of seats, seats she’d hoped to gain with the redistricting plans happening in blue states around the country, and thus cost her any chance of clinging to power of muting the catastrophe for the DNC that November is shaping up to be. Her whole thing is that she’s responsible, that she’s the one who lead the Democrat legislature back from the brink under Trump and into a good position. That’s her legacy, or at least what she wants it to be.

But now DeSantis, by moving a few lines around, is pretty much ending any chance of that; he’s managed to, despite only being in charge of one state in the union, deliver a serious blow to Nasty Nancy’s career.

Democrats are, as could be predicted, freaking out. Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz, for example, freaked out and pretended the plan was meant to harm minority communities, saying:

It is appalling, but not surprising, that the Republican Legislature has abdicated its constitutional duty to draft and pass congressional maps to the governor.

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“As proven by the proposed map released today, Gov. DeSantis is hell-bent on eliminating congressional seats where Florida’s minority communities have the ability to elect representatives of their choice and he is imposing his own partisan political preferences on Florida’s congressional map.

Similarly, as The New York Times reported, National Democratic Redistricting Committee President Kelly Burton said:

Governor DeSantis is bullying the Legislature into drawing Republicans an illegitimate and illegal partisan advantage in the congressional map, and he’s doing it at the expense of Black voters in Florida. This blatant gerrymander will not go unchallenged.

But will any of that matter? Not if DeSantis refuses to crack under pressure and has a good legal team that’s ready and willing to defend the plan in the courts. If the plan can be maintained, DeSantis just took a sledgehammer to Nasy Nancy’s legacy.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.