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Meme: These People Vote

This meme reminds me of the “this one’s a liberal” one that I posted a few weeks ago…what person in their right mind would think this is reasonable?

Note: If you want to get really angry while reading about the idiocy of the dolt in the photo, just remember that these people vote and their ignorance matters not a bit. Their vote counts the same as yours.

For one, it’s dangerous to wear a cloth mask in a body of water. Our intelligence people, back when they did what was necessary, would “torture” terrorists by putting a damp cloth on their face and pouring water on it. So, in effect, the above rube is preparing to waterboard himself, if he hasn’t already. The idiocy of that alone is shocking.

Secondly, it’s just absurd virtue signaling. The picture shows no one is around. Covid doesn’t spread outside. Pools have chlorine in them, meaning the germs would be killed by it if the sunlight didn’t get them first. The only reason to wear a mask in a pool is to signal that you are taking the “global pandemic” seriously. As they say, “people are dying,” so we’re all supposed to engage in ritual retardation.

Finally, if this picture was taken recently, whatever loser would wear a mask in a pool likely already got the jab. With the Bill Gates vaccine coursing through his veins, isn’t Mr. Oh So Concerned theoretically safe from the scary Covid monster? But I forgot- masks are for the safety of others, not oneself (which makes no sense, if you think about the logistics of it. Why not just put a mask on backward so that it protects you? But I digress).

In any case, it’s sad that the average American is so submissive and servile to wear a mask in a pool, whatever the circumstance. Inside, in a classroom or store, I still think doing so (before the jab) was useless, but somewhat more understandable. But wearing one outside, especially in an unoccupied pool, is ludicrous and a sign of utter weakness. I doubt Alcibiades, Leonidas, Beowulf, or George Washington would have worn a mask because a pale, flabby bureaucrat told them to do so.

But, that’s the state of being in the modern world. We can only expect more of the same from those that haven’t adopted the bronze age mindset.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook


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