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Joe Looks Odd to Some, But It’s Just a Mask In His Hand

Notice: This post was fact-checked by PolitiFact. Though I didn’t intend to mislead, I apparently have and apologize sincerely for that. Here is the PolitiFact fact-check so that you can check it out. Biden did not have a medical device, walkie-talkie, or anything else odd in his hand. Turns out, it was just a mask. I apologize for saying otherwise and frankly didn’t consider that when I first looked at the photo. Now I see it and apologize for saying otherwise. 


Our president often doesn’t seem to be “all there” mentally and sometimes stands around looking weird.

Recently, one such photo dropped, with Biden posting this ridiculously awkward photo on Twitter:

It’s almost as bad as that one where he looks like a giant compared to Jimmy Carter.

But, beyond him looking like a mummy in Genocide Olympics-branded clothes, people online noticed something: what’s in his right hand?

When you zoom in, what looks like a cellphone at first glance appears to be something else (ACCORDING TO POLITIFACT, IT IS JUST A MASK). Here’s a zoomed-in photo of it:

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In the original post, I suggested that it was a medical device of some sort or a walkie-talkie. That is entirely incorrect. It was a mask, nothing more, as can be seen upon closer inspection. The face-covering side is sticking out of the back part of his hand and the straps appear to be sticking out of the front. As the White House told Politifact: “The White House told PolitiFact that Biden is holding a mask, not a medical device”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.