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There are 2 Genders. Not 72. Not Infinite

Want to know a fun fact? There are 2 genders. There aren’t an infinite number, as some looney leftists claim, nor are there the ~70 or so genders that some marginally less looney leftists claim exist.

Want to know how I know that? Basic biology. That’s it. There are men, who have XY chromosomes and women, who have XX chromosomes. I know. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Too bad the leftists are too delusional to even decide if gender exists.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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1 thought on “There are 2 Genders. Not 72. Not Infinite”

  1. There are two genders, as there are two realities, one physical and one metaphysical. The physical reality has limitations, the other doesn’t. The left, in its ignorance, crosses easily back and forth, unwilling or unable to recognize the difference. Ideas or thoughts are the basis of all things, so both sides see themselves as correct. There are many reasons for this to-and-fro, most of them have been expressed. If the two realities are merged, without understanding, voila, you have today.

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