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Then Why Did You Vote For Him…?

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then why did you vote for him

Many independents and even non-leftist Democrats are already complaining about Biden’s policies. Union leaders, who voted for him but are mad that he decided to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, are a prime example. I have to ask, if you’re so mad with his radical policies, then why did you vote for him? We all saw where this was headed…

They all should have voted for Trump instead! His policies were far, far better. Show you want him back by ordering one of these FREE Trump 2024 hats here: I Love My Freedom

1 thought on “Then Why Did You Vote For Him…?”

  1. Biden and his campaign generally, lied to America. They specifically said the the pipeline and fracking were safe from leftwing ideology, neither are, Leftists lie that is what they do, read Hillarys’ guru in ‘Rules for Radicals’ and you will see how they think. I wouldn’t have voted for Biden/Harris even if hell froze over but to a country not ‘woke’ to the new normal and not ready for the pugalistic nature of Donald Trump the lies sounded reasonable.

    I personally loved DJT’s rhetoric because I realize how deep communism has burrowed into our society and how rigorous our defense of liberty must be to wrest it back.

    It is not the only battle, or even the first to be fought, but we need to take back education from the teachers unions and bring it back to local, even parental, level of control where parents can decide whether Joey can say he is a girl and have access to the girls locker room. If we don’t, not only will girls and womens sports be ruined but the entire structure of society is upended and the globalist will be able to push us in any direction they see fit and that includes forcing us to take a ‘vaccine ‘ to make us docile, compliant and monitored. Dinesh D’souza has a good plan for affordable higher education and I think the educators like Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Larry Arnn at Hillsdale College have online education programs that can circumvent the Leftist wokeism that has invaded our schools.

    We have been trying to educate children at home through a flawed top-down big government model, which not surprisingly doesn’t work, but if some one of these brilliant conservative educators developed a ‘Zoom friendly’ model I believe the hosting platform would help to make it affordable at scale.

    I will conclude by saying that there is a need for a conservative cultural awakening. The Daily Wire is moving into the conservative entertainment space in a big way by producing movies and podcasts, there are thousands of conservative leaning authors that never get promoted on Amazon and America loving musicians who never get out of first level nightclubs because certain musicians are shunned by the music industry.

    There is a grassroots movement in the US to grab some of the levers of influence and if you want to resist the ‘steady march through the academies’ and the recent hard push for ‘Woke Culture’ stand up for your beliefs, support the soldiers like GenZconservative and Dinesh D’souza, Candace Owens, David Harris, Hillsdale College, Dr. Duke Pesta… the list is long but we have to help, take control of your childrens future, vote at the ballot box and with your dollars. They can’t resist a United Conservative Front, lets unite.

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