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“The World Is a Much Darker Place”: Hero Dog Dies After Saving Owner from Vicious Attack

Dogs are man’s best friend for good reason; when treated well and trained well, they’re loyal, kind, and prone to selfless acts of bravery that protect their owners from the violent acts of vicious predators, whether those predators be of the four-legged or two-legged variety.

Such was the case in northern California, when Erin Wilson took her two and a half year old Belgian Malinois, Eva, on a walk.

While the dua was walking around on what should have been a pleasant hike, a mountain lion viciously attacked Ms. Wilson, leading her to call on Eva for help, which Eva did, jumping in to protect Ms. Wilson without thinking and fighting the predatory feline.

I yelled ‘Eva!’ and she came running, and she hit that cat really hard,” Wilson told The Sacramento Bee.

Eva’s jumping into action saved Ms. Wilson from being mauled by the mountain lion, but unfortunately the same wasn’t true for Eva herself; she was quickly overpowered and terribly injured by the vicious cat, which only was beaten off after Ms. Wilson and a passing motorist that she flagged down to help her beat it off, using a tire iron, a pipe, and pepper spray.

Though Eva saved Ms. Wilson, she soon died from the wounds she suffered during the fight, with Ms. Wilsoon posting about her death on Instagram shortly after the attack and Eva’s passing, saying:

Goodbye my beautiful sweet girl. You are my world, my light, my best friend. The world is a much darker place.”

During the attack and fight, Eva suffered multiple skull fractures, punctures in her sinuses, and severe eye damage, and then later developed seizures. Even the emergency vet could not save her from all that damage.

Eva’s story stands in harsh contrast to the recent, sickening events in Uvalde, where cowardly cops sat around and listened to a psycho gunman shoot up a school full of kids, doing nothing while the kids in an elementary school were massacred.

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The dog, man’s best friend, jumped in without thinking to save the life of her owner. The cops, decidedly not man’s best friend, sat around and pepper-sprayed those parents that demanded they act.

It also stands in harsh contrast to a sickening video out of New York that shows a thuggish brute harassing and attacking a young woman sitting on a subway train, throwing her around and grabbing her while her fellow passengers did nothing, likely out of both fear of the thug himself and because they knew the cops would arrest them for intervening rather than the criminal for being a thug.

Perhaps Americans should take a closer look at the stories of Eva and others like her; the proper response to seeing someone who is helpless being attacked by a bipedal or quadrupedal predator isn’t to cower behind a cop car or video the attack, but to stand up to the predator and fight it off.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.