Saturday, June 12, 2021
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The Week in Review

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Normally I like to only post new content. However, I thought it might be a good idea to start a “The Week in Review” series in which I post about my top three posts from the past week. Through doing so, I hope to give those who might have missed past articles another chance to see those articles before they are completely overtaken by new content.

Let me know in the comments section if you like this idea and what I should do to make it better!

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1. The Truth about Bernie Sanders:

The top article from this past week was my “The Truth About Bernie Sanders” article. In that post, I discussed why both Bernie and his agenda are fraudulent.

Bernie has made a career and a fortune off of convincing impressionable young Americans that they should support socialism over capitalism. In reality, even millennials like capitalism. That is, they like capitalism once they realize what socialism really means.

But, Bernie has convinced them to support his brand of socialism. And they will continue to do so until they are taught that Bernie and socialism are evil. The only way to teach them that is through showing the truth about Bernie Sanders.

Read “The Truth about Bernie Sanders” here:

2. Antifa is a Fascist Organization

Many Americans don’t realize that Antifa is a fascist organization. Sure, the more reasonable members of society generally recognize that it is an evil force. But few recognize that it is not just bad, but fascist.

In my “Antifa is a Fascist Organization” post, I laid out why Antifa’s actions show its fascist intent. It wants to stifle free speech, attack its political enemies, and make us so afraid of it that we refuse to condemn it. Democrats already refuse to condemn Antifa.

So, like with Bernie Sanders, if we want Antifa to go away we need to make sure to call it out. I implore you to take every opportunity to let people know that Antifa is a fascist organization.

Read “Antifa is a Fascist Organization” here:

3. JFK on the Survival of Liberty

My last post to remind you of in this edition of “The Week in Review” is my analysis of JFK’s quotation on the survival of liberty. In that great quotation, JFK was able to show America what it’s new role in the world was and is. Our role is to ensure the survival of liberty.

That doesn’t mean we need to get involved in every war imaginable. Rather, we should look for states or groups that truly desire liberty and appreciate our help. As I point out in the post, the protesters in Hong Kong are probably the best example of that right now. We should help them preserve their liberty and autonomy from China.

Read “JFK on the Survival of Liberty” here:


Enjoy reading those posts! Hopefully they will help you better understand the views of a Gen Z conservative. Also, this “The Week in Review” is a new thing for both me and the site. If you like or dislike it, make sure to let me know!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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