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The Week in Review #4

Welcome back to Gen Z Conservative’s “Week in Review!” I can’t believe that we’re already on The Week in Review #4. I guess time just flies when you’re defending conservative values.

Like with the past three “Week in Review” articles, I will summarize and provide links to my favorite three articles from the past week. This week’s top three articles are “The Chinese Military Buildup,” “Beto the Gun Salesman,” and “The Progression of Gun Control.” Enjoy!

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1. The Chinese Military Buildup

The Chinese military buildup that is currently happening should scare every single American. The key to American dominance over the past few decades has been our unquestioned military superiority. America’s military superiority has allowed us to patrol the oceans, protect our trade and companies, and create an unparalleled amount of wealth.

Now, due to the Chinese military buildup, all of that is at risk. Like I talked about in “The Secretive Pentagon Space Program,” the Chinese have developed a host of new weapons and tactics to counter the US. We need to shift into high gear to defeat Chinese innovation and military buildup. But, few Americans seem worried, which is concerning to me.

So, I was very happy to read an article about a speech Admiral McRaven gave that brought up the threat posed by China’s military. At least one American is cognizant of the threat posed by China and doesn’t want a repeat of the dark days described in the opening chapters of The Two Ocean War.

Check out “The Chinese Military Buildup” to gain a better understanding of the threat posed by China and what America should be doing to deter China.

Read “The Chinese Military Buildup” here:

2. Beto the Gun Salesman

Beto O’Rourke is a criminal and a fool. But, it turns out that he’s a great gun salesman. Almost as good as Barack Obama, in fact. Don’t believe me? Then just spend one minute listening to his fear-mongering, anti-gun rhetoric. He seems to spend every moment pushing for more unconstitutional gun control laws, such as red flaw laws. One minute of listening to that and you’ll want to buy a gun almost immediately.

So, in “Beto the Gun Salesman,” I wrote about why that is and why Beto’s messaging should be a major warning sign to Americans. We’re supposed to be a free nation. Not a nation of docile, disarmed sheep. Luckily Beto the gun salesman is helping gun stores sell more of their wares.

Read “Beto the Gun Salesman” here:

3. The Progression of Gun Control

Every day there seem to be more and more calls for unconstitutional gun control. And every time they seem to get more and more extreme.

Yes, even “common sense” gun laws are unconstitutional. But at least those laws generally aren’t of the overt confiscatory nature that many current calls for gun control are. Background checks are awful and annoying, but a far different issue than liberals coming to take our guns.

So, in “The Progression of Gun Control,” I attempt to show how gun control has changed over the years and how it has gotten more and more totalitarian. While I had previously discussed that issue in “My Thoughts on Gun Control,” I thought a more focused article would be prudent. Check it out!

Read “The Progression of Gun Control” here:

By: Gen Z Conservative

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