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The Week in Review #3


Welcome back to genzconservative and The Week in Review #3! As I have done over the past couple weeks, in this edition of “The Week in Review” I will summarize and link to some of the top articles from the past week.

Looking back over last week’s articles, I realized that there are three standout ones that need to be included in “The Week in Review #3.” The first is my “Government is Like a Wolf” article. The next is my review of the great World War II book The Two Ocean War. Finally, I thought my article on how minimum wage laws work would be an important one to include..

1. Government is Like a Wolf

There’s no other way to say it, government is like a wolf. Every single time we divert our attention for a moment or give our representatives and appointed bureaucrats the benefit of the doubt, they betray us and the constitution.

They create unconstitutional gun control laws like the red flag laws that are currently all the rage, and they create ineffective gun free zones to limit where you can take the guns they still allow you to have. Or they run up the national debt dramatically and irresponsibly. Or they start another war for democracy in the Middle East, as I wrote about in my review of The Great War for Civilization.

There’s a reason that public projects always lose to private companies. Private companies are responsible and effective because people trust them. No one trusts the government, and for good reason. Doing so would be idiocy. Hopefully the above examples show you why. To read about all of that and more, check out my “Government is Like a Wolf” article!

2. The Two Ocean War

The Two Ocean War is a great book about the US Navy’s performance in World War II. It covers every major action the USN was involved in chronologically, which gives you a great overall picture of how the war progressed and how the USN adapted to battlefield conditions during the war.

Check out my review of The Two Ocean War to read not only about the details presented in the book, but also my analysis of that information and why you should read it. Don’t be one of those Americans that has a complete lack of historical knowledge. Instead, read books (or at least reviews of books) like The Two Ocean War so that you know your homeland’s history.

Check out my review of The Two Ocean War here:

3. How Minimum Wage Laws Work

I get angry when people support policies they don’t understand. It happens all the time. Modern socialists, for example, don’t understand socialism. Gun control advocates don’t understand the inane gun-classification categories their policies have created. Michigan lawmakers don’t understand the public health benefits of E-cigs. But, perhaps most infuriatingly, minimum wage law supporters don’t understand how minimum wage laws work.

Because so few people understand how minimum wage laws work, I decided I needed to write an article on the subject. Check it out to understand how the government has replaced consent with coercion in its efforts to implement minimum wage laws. Capitalism is freedom and consent. Socialism is coercion, force, and mass murder. Check out my “How Minimum Wage Laws Work” article to see how you can support capitalism by opposing minimum wage laws!

Enjoy reading those articles and many more!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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