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Virginia Elections – An American Moment: Voters Are Turning The Tide in the Culture War

What are the lessons of Tuesday night’s Virginia elections?

This article will include this writer’s take on specific excerpts from Ben Shapiro’s political analysis throughout.

This week, reality struck back against Democratic electoral utopianism.”

Congratulations, Virginia!  You gave the country hope.

“Instead of seeing Obama’s 2012 victory as a testament to Obama’s unique political skill, they have doubled down on the CAP strategy: more progressivism, more race-based politics. When that strategy failed in 2016, they chalked it up to Russian election interference and Facebook propaganda. When President Joe Biden won election in 2020, they announced that their strategy had been vindicated — even though the election was rather obviously a referendum on former President Donald Trump personally, not proof of their strategic brilliance.”

The reason Joe Biden won the 2020 election is that a large part of the American population got wary of Trump. People did not dislike Trump’s policies, because they were effective. People despised Trump’s personal traits, many of which were exaggerated, framed with malice and deceit, and magnified by the media. Joe Biden was as exciting as a candidate as Brian Stelter’s dating profile. But for many, vanilla Joe was a welcome change to the daily scandal de jour.

American people never liked progressive policies.  Aside from aspiring young communists residing on college campuses,  America resoundingly rejects Bernie Sanders and what he stands for.  Democrat party operatives were smart enough to know that, and on the campaign trail (as invisible as it was) they cleverly disguised Joe as “not Bernie.”  Most Biden voters bought it hook, line and sinker.  The joke was on them.

“Biden was elected to do two things: be Not Trump and restore a sense of moderation and stability to the White House. He has succeeded in the first, mainly because nobody is Trump. He has utterly failed in the second.”

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Biden’s tenure so far has been more tumultuous than Trump’s ever was. The hourly bedtime routine reports from the White House quickly got overshadowed by daily embarrassmentsRampant inflationsupply shortagegeneral incompetence, and the daily dose of “victim shaming” are making the majority of the American public rediscover their affection for midnight twitter storms.

“That’s because Biden rejected the central premise of his own candidacy, calling for more social spending than any president in history, abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban for no apparent geostrategic reason, embracing the radical language of anti-racist activists, cramming down the restrictive COVID-19 policies via the administrative state and characterizing his opponents as bigots and Jan. 6-adjacent domestic terrorists. Biden Mini-Me’s like Terry McAuliffe in Virginia have imitated the strategy.”

Even with the Biden administration quickly becoming less popular than Covid, a career Democrat like Terry McAuliffe was poised to have an easy victory in a deeply blue Virginia.  He destroyed his own candidacy by throwing in with progressive forces pushing critical race theory in Loudon County.  Even for liberal Virginians, between the political leanings and having their kids indoctrinated into a pernicious ideology, the choice was a no-brainer.  The sparks turned into a fire when the school board was found to be covering up sexual assault.

A smart thing for McAuliffe to do was to show understanding of the parents’ struggle and promise to address their concerns. All he had to do is appear at least somewhat reasonable and compassionate. Even a few years ago, he would’ve done that. Bill Clinton would’ve done that. Even Barak Obama, I believe, would’ve done that. But today, the Democrat party does not tolerate “weakness.” It is a fully totalitarian entity. You, if you are one of them, must be willing to stand by their insanity and be willing to die for the cause. Which Terry McAuliffe did, politically speaking, when he stated that he would not allow parents to control their kids’ education.

“Now, Democrats have a choice. They can either tack back to the center — stop pushing a “Build Back Better” grab bag of spending that is unpopular and unnecessary — or they can push forward. They can stop pressing the language of the 1619 Project in public school education — or they can demand that parents shut up. They can double down on progressivism or try to find a Clintonian third way.”

Unlike moderate Democrats of yesteryear, the modern incarnation of Democrats does not understand the fact that for most Americans, political ideology will not trump (pardon the pun) standing up for well being of their children. Even Obama’s futile attempt to make Donald Trump a bigger boogie man than progressive activist teachers harming their kids will not change that fact. Many Virginians may not support a Republican candidate’s stands on abortion, for example; but, more important is his policies will not denigrate their kids for the color of their skin, or make their daughters unsafe in a school bathroom.

“Right now, it looks like they’ll embrace more cowbell. The media and Democratic response to Virginia seems to be more spending; more labeling parental opposition to radicalism as racist and homophobic; more jabbering about Trump and Jan. 6 to distract from their own failures.”

Fortunately for conservative forces, progressive Democrats (which includes the media) have not learned their lesson. They continue to alienate reasonable voters even further, fully stating that any disagreement with the far-left agenda is akin to racism. That is going to destroy the Democrat base, which includes black and Latino voters most of whom stand for family values, and also suburban women who mainly supported Democrats in the past. Democrats lost Virginia because the voters rejected the politics of racial division. Insulting them for doing so achieves the same result as blaming a victim of domestic violence for standing up to her abuser.

“But 2022 is coming. And fantasy will meet reality once again for a Democratic Party committed to fundamental untruths about the American public.”

Democrats’ loss in Virginia probably signals to Democrats in the Senate and the House that most Americans ardently rejected the progressive agenda. The politicians see the writing on the wall: whoever stands up by the Biden administration will face a brutal beating in 2022. That makes Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan effectively dead. “The moderates” already rejected it. More will join them, trying to save the party by rejecting extremism. But the progressive wing of the Democratic party is as loud and as pernicious as it ever was, and most Americans recoiling from their ideas will make them even more fanatical. 

The good news is this week’s vote proved that “the folks” despise the progressive policies. The country is not on board with their agenda, no matter how much they tout it as a preferable alternative to the “depravity of Trump.” Looking back, the vote in Virginia may very well represent a “turning the tide”  American moment – like the battle of Stalingrad that turned around World War II.

 RWR original article syndication source.