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A Look Inside the Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally


The recent Virginia 2nd Amendment rally showed the support that Virginians and Americans from every other state have for their right to keep and bear arms. To me at least, that support was heartwarming to see and gives me hope that not only will Virginia’s 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities succeed but also that they will be able to defend themselves from the tyrants in Richmond.

Although I was unable to attend the rally, I was able to interview over email one of my Twitter followers, @S_Bass2, who was present at Monday’s Virginia 2nd Amendment rally. I’ve included my questions and his answers below, and I hope you enjoy seeing the thoughts of a fellow patriot about why both the 2nd Amendment and showing support for it through events like the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally described here are incredibly important to the survival of liberty in America. Also, make sure to check out @S_Bass2 on Twitter by clicking the hyperlink. Thanks! -Gen Z Conservative

The Interview about the Virginia 2nd Amendment Rally

Gen Z: What drove you to attend the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally on Monday and were you worried about any potential repercussions from attending, such as Antifa doxxing you?

@S_Bass2: “I wanted to show support to the 2nd Amendment in Virginia, and send a message to the Governor. I brought 2 cellphones that had cameras with me to be able to record what was going on and to keep people accountable and record things that would have been contrary to any media narrative should anything wrong have gone during the rally. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened.

I wasn’t worried about being doxxed. The Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (The state’s NRA) estimated 15,000 attendees, so it’d be tough to get doxxed in a crowd that big unless you tried REALLY hard to set yourself apart. The actual number of attendees was more around 20,000 to 22,000 people. I was more concerned that Antifa or any other agitator would do or say something stupid that would get the police to declare the rally an unlawful assembly or to start fights or get someone shot to totally discredit the movement.”

patriots at the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally
patriots at the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally From:
How would you describe the overall mood of most Virginia 2nd Amendment rally attendees? Hopeful, somber, angry, or something else?

“The mood was incredibly calm and super chill. Everyone was super friendly to each other, and total strangers were chatting each other up. There were so many people there, you could hardly move, and EVERYONE was saying “excuse me, pardon me” as they tried to make their away through the crowds.

There was some chanting going on, some “USA! USA!” and some “Shall not be infringed”. Any anxiety that I had before arriving was washed away when I got there. None of the militia groups or any of the guys decked out in military gear were trying to prove how tough they were or anything like that.”

Do you think the show of support for gun rights and individual liberty that the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally generated will in any way influence the Virginia legislature?

“I’m not totally sure if the rally will influence the Virginia Legislature. The Virginia Constitutional Conservatives have been calling state senators constantly for the past two weeks, and they managed to keep getting the vote for Red Flag Laws pushed back as of 01/22/2020.

With that being said, I think there was a change in the psyche of Conservatives, who would almost never participate in activism or attend rallies, even for gun rallies like this recent Virginia 2nd Amendment rally.

I was at the March for Our Rights in VA Beach two years ago and it had a pathetic turnout of around 50-ish people.

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The Sanctuary County activism and the success of the rally is heartening, and it seems that Conservatives are starting to get their manhood back. I think that the threat of these laws sparked something that could potentially make Virginia a competitive state in the Presidential election, with a ton of pissed off gun owners who are undoubted going to take to the polls to protest the Dems.”

Update: Virginia’s legislature did already pass a completely unconstitutional red flag bill on Wednesday. – Gen Z Conservative

 Why do you think there were no clashes between 2nd Amendment
    supporters and the police there who were trying to control those

“Antifa didn’t bother to show, so there really wasn’t a need for Police presence. They talked all the good crap but didn’t follow through. Hell, even the *Black Panthers* made a surprise show (and they marched in formation, unlike the militia guys, too), and they didn’t try to start any fights and no one picked on them at the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally. The contrast between the number of Antifa and the sheer amount of attendees for the rally would have had god-awful optics for them, especially if it were gun guys keeping the peace.

In fact, the only person to be arrested was some LGBT chick who refused to take her mask off. The reason why there weren’t any successful infiltrators or plants was that EVERYONE had a cellphone camera on them. There’s a Twitter video of this guy, some Libertarian weirdo, trying to say something totally stupid, and everyone around him was just totally shutting him down, telling him to shut up and get the hell out of there. Just a ring of guys with cameras recording telling the guy to piss off.

There weren’t any clashes with the police, none of our guys were there trying to start anything or to prove their manhood or anything, and there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between Police and armed citizens, except for some cops handing out maps of where you can and can’t go, who were nice. The short answer would be that we’re not psychos who enjoy mass murder.”

mass of people at the Virginia 2nd amendment rally
The mass of patriots at the Virginia 2nd amendment rally.
Do you think rallies such as the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally on Monday could be replicated in other states with unconstitutional laws, and if so, do you think they would be successful?

Yes and no. I don’t know if it were just a different breed of Conservatives, but you didn’t see this kind of response in New York, New Jersey, or Maryland with the passage of their gun control laws in 2013. I haven’t seen Republican counties try anything like this or the 2A Sanctuary movement in more recent times, either.

And it seems like the Republicans are too wimpy to try anything like this in NY or NJ, although I have no idea if those states have many Republicans there at all, but there are lots of Republicans in California, so maybe things would be different in that state.

Virginia, however, *does* have a ton of right-wingers to pull this off. And Virginia isn’t the 1st State to do the 2A Sanctuaries, those have been done in various counties in other states for the last two years. With the election of Donald Trump, there have been changes in tactics, strategy, and mentality from the more “principled” take the loss gracefully crowd of the establishment conservatives, to the kind of people who actually have fight in them, and who are tired of just ‘losing gracefully’, more akin to Andrew Breitbart.

I have no idea if rallies like this Virginia 2nd Amendment rally would work in anti-gun states or localities, but if Conservatives keep going in the direction of trying to win fights, they may be able to inspire enough to people to be able to just pull them off over there. And then we’d finally be on the offense for once.

Many thanks to @S_Bass2 for his thoughtful and informative responses on the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally that he attended!