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The Violence of Antifa Meme

My Take on the Violence of Antifa:

As this meme about the violence of Antifa shows, Antifa is full of radicals with a violent, repugnant ideology based on pure hatred and a desire to destroy. Antifa is an organization by, of, and for socialistic wannabe thugs. Those thugs, such as the hideous Stanya from Rose City Antifa, live out their dreams of violence by attacking conservative students and counter-protest groups around the nation.

Antifa rioters in Berkeley smashed bike locks into the heads of conservative college students. Antifa “activists” (read: terrorists) in small universities around the nation terrorize any suspected conservative college students through “doxxing” and shutting down free speech on college campuses. Those sad to view, bubble-wrapped losers care only about inflicting harm on young conservatives in a cowardly way. They don’t want to have a respectful political conversation, nor do they want to have a fair fight. Rather, they just want to inflict harm while safe in their groups of thugs; that’s the thought process behind the violence of Antifa.

Then, the latest Antifa attack took place when Antifa thugs attacked conservative protesters from the “Proud Boys” and physically assaulted a conservative journalist, Mr. Andy Ngo. That attack, while at its root no more vile or reprehensible than any other example of the violence of Antifa, was particularly shocking to the American public.

Why? Who knows. There’s no real reason that that example of the violence of Antifa was seen as any more vile than the other acts of political violence that Antifa has carried out recently. However, an attack on journalists is an important step towards something darker. It is the far-left’s march over the Rubicon on the way to political violence. Before attacks like this, the left could at least pretend it outgrew its violent past (Weather Underground in the 60s and 70s) that is described in America: Imagine a World Without Her.

Now, however, the left’s inherently violent nature is on full display as Antifa thugs from Portland to Boston rampage around their cities and attack innocent conservatives while they attempt to use their hate-filled ideology to create “autonomous zones” in their states.

Most reasonable Americans know that Antifa is a group of thugs. Attacking journalists such as Mr. Ngo is beyond the pale and is not something that happens in America. Even conservatives, who rightly despise fake news, would be horrified if a right-wing rioter started throwing lumps of concrete at CNN. We know they are wrong, but seek to convince rather than intimidate. That is the conservative way.

However, Democrats are willing to accept that. Jerry Nadler claimed that Antifa is a myth. The others refuse to mention the violence of Antifa and pretend that attacks on conservatives and journalists are not happening. And, because leftist media sources absolutely despise conservative news sources, they refuse to cover these events. They pretend as if Antifa is peaceful and conservatives are the bad guys.

So, while we conservatives and some independents know that the violence of Antifa has reached endemic proportions, few liberals do. But, don’t despair. It is still a start. At least some people care about and know about the truth- the fact that Antifa is a terrorist organization.

However, even among conservatives, few openly admit that they think Antifa is a pseudo-fascist organization. Because Antifa is a leftist, “progressive” group, people are reluctant to say that Antifa is a group of fascists, even though it is a well-known fact that the Nazi’s were socialists. For some reason, people on both sides of the political aisle are loathe to show the connection between socialism and fascism. With the latest Antifa attacks, however, that connection is on full display and is, in my view at least, completely indisputable.

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But, its latest attack on a journalist and continued attempts to shut down free speech show that most Antifa provocateurs are fascists. They hate opposing ideas and support the use of violence to achieve political ends. If that isn’t fascist or terrorism (or both), then I don’t know what is. However, I have the feeling that it certainly is.

We have to make sure that their violent, socialist ideology isn’t made acceptable in American politics! Unless we root it out immediately, Antifa’s violent actions might turn the United States into a nation at war with itself.

August 2020 addendum: The violence of Antifa has reached new extremes. This horrible organization, a collective of thugs and fascists, used to be relatively small and composed of people mainly outside the political tent. They were anarchists, provocateurs, Marxists, fascists, etc. Now they are still those things. But, because the Democrats are so desperate to defeat President Trump in the November election, they have accepted Antifa into the “political tent,” so to speak.

As a result, what was once a group of rabid outcasts is not a group of rabid Democrats. The violence of Antifa is no longer just occasional, random attack meant to silence free speech or intimidate campus conservatives that wanted to host Milo or Ben Shapiro. No, now Antifa is the armed force of the Democratic Party. Whenever you see a member of Antifa bashing in the head of a conservative, lighting a building on fire, or shooting fireworks at brave police officers, remember that. The violence of Antifa that you witness is not some random act. It is a campaign of terror orchestrated by the Democratic Party.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook