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Meme: The Unemployment Industry

The leftists in the unemployment industry like to pretend that they’re the oppressed ones. That the whole world, from the vast government to the average business owner to the professional world, is arrayed against them.

Of course, they’re entirely wrong, as I discussed in my “the resistance” post. The left is no more oppressed than conservatives are in charge of everything.

Are they oppressed by the leftist-occupied media that constantly collaborates with the Democrats? Are they oppressed by academia, which is entirely full of far-left radicals and unapologetic Marxists? Are they oppressed by a government that is run by a Deep State bureaucracy full of leftists and constantly sends them handouts?

I doubt it. In fact, I’ll go farther; I’d say that those institutions are, at this point, largely meant to oppress conservatives. The media attacks our representatives and savages our values, academia works far harder to discredit conservativism than to teach student valuable information, and the government’s Deep State worked like an immune system to rid itself of Trump and his administration.

So, in any case, the leftist proletariats aren’t oppressed.

Moving on, the meme hits a nerve because it’s so true; the type of person who whines about capitalism being oppressive are the type of people who don’t get jobs. They’re lazy, useless wastes of carbon that want everything handed to them and, even when it is handed to them in the form of welfare, complain endlessly.

We need to cut their welfare checks and stop taking their cries of anguish seriously. If they’re really “starving,” or whatever, then they’ll get a job or start a business. Capitalism doesn’t oppress people, leftism does.

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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