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The Truth about the F-35

Learning the Truth about the F-35:

This is a highly informative article about the F-35 program. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in modern warfare, military technology, or technology in general check it out. By reading it, you will learn the truth about the F-35 and understand why it is a crucial piece of military technology for the US military to purchase.

Armchair generals online constantly defame it. But, the Navy, Marines and Air Force are buying it and excited to do so. There is a reason for that. Once you look beyond the easily fixable problems, it is an excellent piece of military hardware and technology.

Read the full article on the truth about the F-35 here:

So what is the truth about the F-35?

Military technology is an area that I have always found interesting. That is why I read books such as Bridge of Spies and The German Army on the Eastern Front (read about them by clicking on the book titles). Both of those books describe in depth the military technology of their time period and how the technology influenced the events during wartime. Despite that interest, I didn’t know all that much about the truth about the F-35 program before reading the article.

That ignorance is because I mostly have read about WWII and Cold War technology, especially in books like Carrying the Fire and Bridge of Spies. I had only heard that it is highly expensive and has developmental issues. Like many other Americans, I had mostly read about the immense cost of the F-35, or how many problems the F-35 has, or that Congress is slowing down the F-35 acquisition timeline. In other words, I had read only bad news about the F-35 fighter, not the truth about the F-35.

However, after reading the article, I am highly impressed with the program (not that I’m an expert). The F-35 sounds like a real game-changer for every armed service branch or country that uses it, which is something we’ll need in our new Cold War with China, especially as China’s culpability in the Chinese Flu crisis heats that war up. That’s the truth about the F-35

One really interesting thing I learned in the article on the truth about the F-35 is that the F-35 isn’t meant for air to air combat. While it can do that, its main purpose is to destroy enemy air defenses. I thought that was really interesting. Also, I think it’s interesting that the different versions of it are very similar.

There are the F-35 A, B, and C versions. Each version has its own purpose in mind. The F-35A is meant for the Air Force and is the least expensive one. It can only take off from normal runways though. The F-35B is meant for the Marine Corps. It can do short takeoffs and vertical landings, which is a game-changer for the US Marines and Navy.

That means that the F-35 can be used from amphibious ships, or even makeshift island bases, in times of war. Perhaps they could support privateers. Finally, the F-35C is meant for the Navy. The F-35C has a larger wingspan and combat radius to make it more effective from a carrier. All three versions- the F-35 A, B, and C, are great planes.

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f-35 versions

Learning about the different versions of the same general aircraft reminded me of the quote that military experts think in terms of logistics, not tactics. Hopefully this new aircraft can help our military improve the logistical problem it has faced in the past!

In this article you will get to read a short history of the aircraft, a summary of its purpose, and then there are short interviews with about a dozen pilots of the new aircraft. That section is awesome because you get to see firsthand what people who have actually flown the airplane think (they are beyond positive). I would highly recommend you read it!

By: Gen Z Conservative


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