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The True Nature of Socialism

What is the True Nature of Socialism?

When the left talks about socialism, it often frames that discussion without a word about the historical issues that socialism has caused. No words about the misery wrought by it, the millions of dead, or the authoritarian nature of socialist governments. Instead, they just pretend that their happy little socialist utopias can somehow exist in a civilized society. Of course, we know that the true nature of socialism precludes any communist utopia from forming. Rather than a paradise, socialism will give you hell on Earth.

The reason why that is true is well documented in Rand Paul’s The Case Against Socialism. Far from being a benign, much less beneficial ideology, socialism has just brought death and evil with it wherever it is tried.

So, is that really what people like Bernie want? No, hopefully not. Bernie is an idiotic old socialist (although he’s not as senile as Joe Biden), but I don’t think he’s pure evil. Sure, his policies are the road to serfdom, but I don’t think he understands that. He, and his gang of young socialists like AOC, are blissfully ignorant about the true nature of socialism.

However, for those who have struggled under the socialist yoke, its legacy of oppression and tyranny are all too real. Those people know what socialism is like, so they are therefore far more willing to resist it. Ayn Rand, for example, saw socialism in action as it overtook the former Russian Empire. That experience helped turn her into the pro-capitalism writer she eventually blossomed into.

Similarly, Cubans in Florida don’t put up with socialism. They experienced it under Castro and are unwilling to experience it here. That, among other factors, is a big reason Bernie lost the Florida primary. They saw that socialism destroyed Venezuela, destroyed their home country, and don’t want to have anything to do with it.

All Americans need to learn and adopt that perspective. They need to learn that the true nature of socialism is that it is an absolutely horrible ideology that is regressive and leads only to misery and suffering. Have you ever seen a booming socialist nation? What about one that can even manage to feed its own population without murdering tens of millions of them in pursuit of some “common good?”

The answer, of course, is “NO! Absolutely not!” No socialist nation has ever created adequate living for its own citizens, especially when compared to capitalist nations.

That is because of the true nature of socialism. Slavery does not work because people will not labor under a yoke for no reward other than survival. Or, to be more precise, they will, but they will not work hard. They will break equipment, be as lazy as possible, and do their best to get out of work. And rightly so! Who among you would work without reward? Hopefully no one.


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Socialism is slavery. That’s just what it is. Read The Gulag Archipelago if you do not believe me; the laborers in those camps, sent to them because Stalin needed slave labor to complete the dirty work, were worse off than slaves in America before the civil war! They were beaten constantly and without reason, starved almost to death, shot if the guards wanted target practice, and given no rewards for their labor. Is that just? Is that a workers’ paradise?

Again, no. Socialism is an evil system because it turns men who were once free into slaves of the state. Slaves that live in worse conditions than any others in history.

What the modern left, the group of idiots that for some reason believe in “democratic socialism,” does not understand is that all socialist systems are the same. Some might temporarily seem different. One dictator might be marginally less harsh than another. But, deep down, or, in the case of the socialism meme at the top of the page, below the waterline, all socialist systems are the exact same; they are based in tyranny and repression.

The reason for that, the reason that the true nature of socialism never changes, is that no man wants to be a slave of the state. Whether working in a factory, an office, or the quarry of a gulag, no one will voluntarily work for whatever pittance is handed to them. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” might sound like a good idea to some at first, but it is utterly unpractical without an authoritarian leader because those with the most ability deserve the greatest reward.

The true nature of socialism is evil and authoritarianism. Remember that and fight against it!

And the best way to fight against socialism is to educate the leftists that currently espouse socialism on what the true nature of socialism is. Some will just ignore you. But, hopefully, some will see the light and turn away from the dark path that is collectivism once they understand its history. As soon as they learn that socialism killed millions and that those millions dead were because of the system itself rather than just because Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot were evil individuals, perhaps they will break away from the system that their Marxist professors taught them to believe in. There is no guarantee, but I think that it is certainly worth a shot.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook