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The Solution to Mass Shootings

My Thoughts on The Solution to Mass Shootings

Liberals like to pretend that the solution to mass shootings is simply more gun control. Or, in other words, they think the solution to dealing with a few insane people is to dramatically limit the rights of everyone else. Of course, that shows that their real goal is control, not public safety, but that’s an argument for another time.

And they’ve had a huge amount of success at achieving that goal. We used to be able to buy machine guns over the counter at hardware stores. No permit, FBI background check, interview with the police, or anything else was required. Now, as you probably know, that’s not the case. Instead, to even buy a non-fully automatic weapon you have to submit yourself to an ATF background check, and the requirements to buy certain randomly assigned categories of weapons are very intense. So, the liberals have succeeded at limiting our liberty in an attempt to slightly decrease the gun violence rate, which is already quite low in the grand scheme of things. They must have forgotten Benjamin Franklin’s pertinent advice on liberty and safety- those who would give up liberty for slavery deserve neither.

And, there’s little to no indication that those gun laws work. In fact, increased gun control often leads to increased crime. Gun-free zones create soft targets. Criminals break the law, so gun laws don’t really apply to them. And, worst of all in my view, law-abiding citizens are punished for the indiscretions of the criminal elements of society.

If gun control obviously isn’t the solution to mass shootings, then what is? Easy, the opposite. Make guns and concealed carry permits, along with proper training, more available to the general public. If every mass shooting ended the way the one at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas ended, with the bad guy with a gun being killed by a good guy with a gun, there would be far fewer mass shootings. Soft-targets like schools and churches would suddenly become hard to attack targets and the rate of attack on them would likely fall. Israel, for example, armed its teachers so they could fight off terror attacks. That program was wildly successful.


So, my proposition is this. First, the government should announce tax breaks on concealed carry weapons, a certain number of rounds for those weapons, and concealed carry training classes. Then, anyone who passed the classes and received a permit would receive the aforementioned tax break each year. Additional tax breaks would be available to those who participated in monthly exercises and training.

That program would have a number of benefits. First, it would remind every American that they are technically in the militia. As Chris Kyle wrote about in a chapter of his book American Gun, when thieves or other criminals attacked towns in the Wild West, citizens were expected to step up and fight. That’s the duty of every citizen just as much now as it was then. This program would help them do that.

Secondly, it would prioritize training. The last thing gun owners need is some untrained moron accidentally shooting a bunch of innocents while trying to stop a criminal. By making shooting, which is already an incredibly fun activity, also tax-deductible (to a certain extent), the government would help create a large body of armed and trained citizens, rather than ones that are just armed.

Finally, I think this program would be beneficial because it is the only imaginable solution to mass shootings that would involve less government rather than more. We don’t need more police; they’re potential tyrants. We don’t need more gun laws; those are ineffective. What we need is a reduction of the tax burden, more armed citizens, and fewer soft targets.

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The solution to mass shootings is easy to see; just make it easier for citizens to keep and properly bear arms. Like many other seemingly obvious programs, such as abolishing Social Security, it would inevitably run into resistance and headwinds. But, with the proper number of supporters and significantly more detail added, it might just work. Comment if you agree!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook