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The Socialist Fly Trap

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My Take on The Socialist Fly Trap

If you’ve never seen a Venus flytrap, it’s an amazing, horrifying plant. It uses a sweet-smelling, sticky trap to attract, trap, and devour insects. Because of that, it’s a great stand-in for the evil ideology of socialism. Like a Venus Fly Trap, the socialist fly trap propagated by Bernie Sanders and his sham of an agenda uses sweet-sounding policies to attract and trap lazy Millennials. Then, of course, the trap closes and they eventually find out that far from being a “sweet” deal, socialism really just means misery, higher taxes, and authoritarianism.

It amazes me that anyone would fall for the socialist fly trap. To me, it just seems incredibly, incredibly obvious that socialism is obviously not all its supporters say that it is. Nothing gives you something for nothing.

Free college isn’t (or, in the case of America, wouldn’t be) really free. It’s actually paid for by higher taxes on everyone, even those that don’t go to college.

Similarly, Medicare for All wouldn’t be a magical program that delivers quality medical care to everyone for free. Far from it. In reality, it would likely mean worse care than currently available, high taxes to pay for that care, even more bureaucratic delays and incompetence, and limited innovation. Or, in other words, all the negatives that typically come with Big Government interference.

So, as Ayn Rand said, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Socialism won’t give you something for nothing. Instead, it will give you a little at the cost of lots. To receive your meager ration of whatever the government decides you’re entitled to, you’ll have to obey it’s every whim and be devoured by a slave-like job in a system without money and earned wages. How does “by each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sound now? If you want to read more about the evil of that theory, read Atlas Shrugged. Rand covers it in lots of detail.

So, to return to the socialist fly trap analogy, all socialism does is slowly devour those trapped by it’s initially attractive-sounding (to some) policies.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t shame too heavily those initially attracted by the idea of socialism. Hell, even the pilgrims tried collectivism and some say (incorrectly) that Jesus was a socialist. He wasn’t, of course. It’s an ideology that initially appeals to the better nature of some. But, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so we must dissuade those potential adherents of socialism. It delivers only misery, whether it’s “democratic socialism,” “real socialism,” or any other moniker for the same evil ideology. We need to remember that and convince others of it. Framing socialism as a fly trap might be a good way to do so; I certainly was captivated by the political cartoon about socialism above.

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