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The Science is Never Settled

Ever since Al Gore’s idiotic movie about global warming was released, a rallying cry of the sanctimonious left is that “the science is settled.” Never mind that the glaciers are growing, there are more polar bears now than there were when Al Gore droned on and on about something he didn’t understand, and that temperatures have actually fallen in the countryside…the science is settled on climate change!

And, as the left resorts to scientism in a last-ditch attempt to save face for being wrong on just about every issue, “the science [has become] settled” on more and more issues.

The Covid jab is now safe and incredibly effective and anything else is an anti-science lie! Never mind the (to be fair, somewhat sketchy) reports of blood clots and other maladies, the science is settled on the novel mRNA vaccines that didn’t exist a year ago!

A version of the flu is now so deadly that we have to go bankrupt and lockdown time and time again to defeat it! Never mind that somewhere between 97% and 99% of people have no real problem if they get Covid…the science says we must lockdown!

Masks, after briefly not working when the dear Dr. St. Fauci said so, are now must be worn…even though the vaccine is supposedly incredibly effective. Well, unless you’re at Obama’s birthday party, a riot, or a leftist fundraiser; “sophisticated” people don’t need to wear them when around other “sophisticated” people, nor do leftist protesters. But the staff at the swanky events must wear the face diaper and students need to too! Say otherwise and you’re “anti-science.”

Oh, and also “the science” is of the opinion that men can be women, women can be men, and whatever else the left wants you to believe about the now-nebulous concept of gender. l expect science will change its mind as the most crazed leftists do, but, for now, the science is settled.

Of course, the science is never settled.

Cigarettes used to be recommended by doctors…now they’re rightly called cancer sticks.

Meth used to be a perfectly respectable prescription for bored housewives…now we’re fighting a war against it.

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The Earth used to be flat and the center of the universe…now it’s a globe and the stars extend far beyond our wildest imaginations.

What we know about how the Earth works, a key part of any debate about climate change, constantly changes. First, we were entering a stage of “global cooling,” then “global warming,” and now “climate change.”

The point isn’t that they’re wrong; meth is bad, cigarettes obviously cause cancer, the heavens are obviously real, and the Covid jab is probably safe and at least somewhat effective. Hell, some parts of the world are even heating up! For now, they might seem right.

But their hubris is indefensible; the science is never, and can’t be, settled. In a few decades, most of what we now know about the stars will have changed. In a generation, we’ll see what the real, long-term effects of the Covid jabs were. Unless the Earth ends thanks to “climate change” in the 0 13 ? years we have left, we’ll probably know a good bit more about what’s causing the potentially changing weather patterns, how much human activity affects the climate, and the left will probably have discovered a few more genders. But still, the science won’t be settled.

We want to think that what we believe is what is real. That’s why man has slaughtered over religious disputes for time immemorial and why the most tyrannical dictators and overlords try to control the thoughts of their subjects; it stings to be wrong.

But, when it comes to science, there’s always more to discover and we know very little at the present, despite what the scientist progressives would have you believe. We simply don’t know, and that’s fine.

So, don’t let them use “the science” against you. The scientists might be smart, but, if history is any guide, they’re probably pretty wrong.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook