October 26, 2020

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The Proper Role of Government in a Free Society

Come read about my thoughts on the role of government, how it should carry out that role, and what branches of government are crucial to it.
the role of government

Government’s Role:

I thought it would be a good idea to discuss my general beliefs about the role of government. Many posts in the future will be centered around that, so it will be good to discuss early on.

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Summary of My Views on The Role of Government:

The role of government is to protect the natural rights of its citizens. It should protect those rights from foreign aggressors through having a well-funded and effective military, an excellent police force, and a strong judiciary branch.

Explanation of Why I think That Is the Role of Government:

In general I think that the less government there is, the better off we are. Some functions of government are necessary because citizens have to have their natural rights protected and respected. The role of government should be to protect those natural rights through the use of the military, the police, and the judiciary. The military’s role is to protect citizens from foreign aggressors.

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As I mentioned in The History of the United States during the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson, even President Jefferson sent the Navy to protect Americans from the Tripoli pirates. Although he was against military expenditures, he recognized that American’s have to be defended from foreign governments. That defence of the homeland is the most important part of the role of government; it is the one thing that only the government can really do.

However, the military should not be drawn into frivolous foreign engagements. There is no reason American troops should die to protect Iraqi or Syrian civilians. Yes, it is tragic when those civilians die. But it is not the job of the US government to protect them.

Furthermore, entangling alliances of the type Washington warned about are anathema to liberty. Liberty cannot be safeguarded if the military will be automatically drawn into wars that aren’t in our best interests, as we have been with the great wars for civilization in the Middle East. The US should take a closer look at its alliances and what it gets out of them.

The military’s role is to protect the natural rights of US citizens from foreign aggression, not to get involved in interventions. Unfortunately, recent American military history is a tale of foreign entanglements. Our representatives haven’t taken George Washington’s advice to avoid foreign entanglements. That needs to change.

Many libertarians and conservatives are against the police force. They think it makes is hard for liberty to survive. I disagree; I think that a well-trained police force is necessary for true liberty. However, heavily armed SWAT teams aren’t conducive to liberty. In fact, they and their “no knock” warrants are anathema to liberty.

But having patrolmen that know what to do and when will help ensure that all of our rights are protected. Somalia is an area without an effective police force. It is a hellhole. Enforcing just laws is what is necessary for societies to survive. Some police can’t do that correctly and should be fired. But many of them are good men and women that just want to uphold the law.

As long as there is an effective judiciary to ensure good conduct from the police, and that laws are Constitutional, the police are a great benefit to society. The police make sure that the natural rights of citizens are protected from domestic enemies. That is the most important role of government.

Finally, the judiciary is crucial to ensuring liberty for the citizenry. The police enforce the laws made by the legislature, but someone has to make sure those laws are Constitutional. Otherwise the police can’t do their job. That is why an independent judiciary is crucial to the role of government. It is the line between the protection of liberty and the enforcement of tyranny. A well-vetted and independent judiciary ensures that the police will protect liberty.


The role of government is to protect its citizens. It does that through an effective military, police force, and judiciary. If citizens are infringing on the rights of one another through anything from violent crime to suppressing free speech to infringing on copyrights, the police are there to rectify that situation.

If foreign actors are attempting to harm US citizens at home or abroad, the military is meant to rectify that. And if there is any indication that the legislature or police are acting unconstitutionally, then the judiciary is important because it fixes that situation. The government has an important role. It just has to stick within its intended boundaries: protecting the natural rights of its citizens by defending them from violent actors abroad, criminals at home, and from fraud or injury by maintaining an effective judicial system.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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