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Trump: The Right to Speak Your Mind Comes from God

Trump’s Quote on the Right to Speak Your Mind

“In America, we recognize that the freedom to speak our minds and express the truth is not granted to us by the government, it is given to us by God and no one should have the power to take that right away.” -President Trump, Discussing his Lawsuit Against Big Tech

My Take

It’s so true. So, so true.

Back in the halcyon days of American glory, the right to free speech was considered sacred. There were, as is right, restrictions to limit open celebrations of degeneracy, but, before the Progressive Era, most Americans could say whatever they wanted in the public square. Distribution of pornography and explicit texts was limited, but, other than that, most everything could be and was discussed.

Slavery, civil war, nullification, and all the other hot button issues of the day were discussed not in hidden corners, each member of the discussion looking over their shoulder in fear of a government agent arresting and silencing them, but rather openly, out in public. Free men were not censored because everyone understood the sacred right that is the right to speak your mind.

Then came the progressives. Both in the White House and on the bench, they used their power to limit what could be discussed. Using war, economic depression, and a changing societal morality as excuses, they constantly utilized their power not to protect freedom of speech but to attack it.

We now face the logical end of that attack on the right to speak your mind. The government locks up Trump supporters, throwing them in solitary confinement for protesting.

Big Tech companies, companies that should be considered public actors because they run the modern public squares, silence any dissent and crush discussions of topics that they’d rather not have discussed.

Leftist politicians and their media cronies utilize their platforms not to decry this tyranny, but to push the tyrants onward.

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All the court cases, all the executive orders, all the SCOTUS decisions that limited speech not to defend traditional values but to limit the right of free men to speak out, often in the name of “public safety,” led to this. They’ve reached their logical conclusion and we are now dealing with the consequences.

The mere fact that we’ve allowed such tyranny to progress is disgusting and those that push it are morally reprehensible.

For one, Americans are supposed to champion liberty above almost everything else, and certainly above “public safety.”

Even more importantly, limiting free speech is an attack on the God-given right to speak your mind.

Don’t let the left get away with it. Support Trump’s lawsuit. Buy a Freedom Phone so that you can avoid censorship. Demand liberty rather than safety. That’s what real Americans do.