October 29, 2020

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the return of morals and intelligence

The Return of Morals and Intelligence

The Return of Morals and Intelligence

The Return of Morals and Intelligence:

If only the return of morals and intelligence was a real occurrence…that’d be great. Just think about all of the problems today: overdone greed, violent political groups such as Antifa, lying and misleading politicians, etc. So many aspects of our system are sick and dysfunctional. Morals and intelligence are needed in American politics.

We have had upstanding, moral politicians in the past. Men like George Washington, for example, who were know for their good upbringing and moral discipline. Or Robert E Lee, who we should remember not only because of his battlefield prowess, but also because despite defeat, he always remained a moral Southern gentleman. If we had leaders like them, then we would be unstoppable.

But, we unfortunately don’t. Instead, we are saddled with politicians like AOC and Obama. AOC wants to steal your money as part of her taxes for socialism scheme (aka the Green New Deal). She obviously isn’t intelligent. In fact, she’s an idiot that doesn’t even know that socialism kills. And Obama was no better. Not only did he try to tax America into oblivion, showing a clear lack of intelligence, but also he had no backbone. Because he had no backbone, the world lost respect for America.

The world desperately needs for the return of morals and intelligence to be a real thing. America certainly does, at least. Without that return, we will be stuck with idiotic, thieving politicians like AOC and Obama. But, if we make the return of morals and intelligence happen, then politicians like George Washington will return to American politics. Let’s create more George Washingtons and fewer AOCs.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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