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Meme of the Day: “The Resistance”

Yes, these brave souls are “the resistance.” Sure, they all are the ones in the position of power. Sure, they all have the same worldview and collaboratively use their power to strike at conservatives, as Delta recently tried to do. Yes, they’re not oppressed. But they’re the resistance! CNN says so!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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2 thoughts on “Meme of the Day: “The Resistance””

  1. Genz, the epitome of augmented failure. I am ashamed to be part of this new age. Conservative in the closet you claim? Where is the mass uproar that was going to happen? Where were the truth of median polls that predicted large deviations of conservatism among young demographics? Didn’t happen on the campuses or during Trump’s 4 year tenure? Never even saw a syndicated movement — even the hippies had more of a following than you. It never will happen, and now, you suffer the iniquity as your country turns towards fetid sin. I’m not surprised that so few ‘true’ genz exist; the schools really did a mind f**king here. ‘Another greatest generation’ is what some fools call you — how dare you try to compete with a truly moralistic, brave generation who saw true struggle and actually did something. The most genz has done is a accrued debt on some posh career that won’t happen or post moronic videos on the internet as part of your ‘culture’ socialization. I am going to be remembered by millennial knockoff, tech obsessed goldfish who watched their country eviscerated and did nothing… I hope history forgets this. I hope I can live day to day making a success without thinking about such failure. If I find more amusement being friends with 70 year olds, this world is screwed. Keep this in mind as you desperately try to scoop up the crumbs of hope on our generation.

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