October 25, 2020

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The Religion of Peace strikes again

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again

The Religion of Peace Strikes Again in the Sri Lanka Attacks :

Today, on Easter Sunday, Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka murdered hundreds of people and wounded many more. The toll is still climbing. They massacred innocents in churches and hotels in the name of Allah. Hopefully, this attack is not only an outrage but also a wake-up call to the Western World. A wakeup call about the religion of peace that the West should have heeded with the publishing of Diana West’s American Betrayal. So yet again, we are faced with headlines basically saying “The Religion of Peace Strikes Again.” What are we going to do about it? Can we do anything about it?

My Thoughts on the Attacks:

Many Muslims are good people. Most are good people. In fact, I would say that the overwhelming majority are great people However, the ideology of Islam has led to innumerable murders and attacks around the world since its founding. Its pillars seem to be blood and violence rather than the humility and kindness of Christianity. Why is that?

the religion of peace is violent
The religion of peace is violent.
From: https://reason.com/2016/05/05/muslim-students-want-san-diego-state-pre/

Why do these attacks happen? After reading The Great War for Civilization, I have a few ideas based on my now better understanding of the Middle East and its history. If this is a topic you are interested in, I would highly suggest that you buy a copy of The Great War for Civilization. It will help you understand our current and past problems with certain bad actors in the region and in our dealings with the religion of peace.

Why Islam is More Violent:

I confess that I don’t know for sure why Islam, “The Religion of Peace” is currently more violent than Christianity or why its radical adherents carry out so many deliberately attacks on civilians. However, I have two theories about why “the religion of peace” is so violent.

Theory 1: Culture

The first theory is that it is cultural.

The Ottoman Empire, while brutal in many respects, was able to deal peacefully with noon-Muslims in its lands. They had to pay a tax and that was it. There were no pogroms against them. That peaceful coexistence began to fade as the Ottoman Empire did. The Armenian genocide is a stark example of that. Similarly, Christians in Iraq under Saddam Hussein were treated well. He trusted them. But after Iraq was invaded and its government replaced, Christians were massacred.

The lesson from that is that Islam leads to violence against non-Muslims if a strong government is not in control.

Whether that leader is religious but politically-minded like the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, or secular like Hussein, a strong government can restrain the violent urges adherents of the religion of peace tend to have against non-Muslims. But when a non-secular or secular but weak government is in power, all hell breaks loose. I think that shows that the culture of Islam creates is biased against non-Muslims to the point of violence. For many that isn’t a problem because most Muslims are peaceful people and upstanding citizens. But for others, it can be a death sentence. Just ask the Christians in Sri Lanka.

Theory 2:

My second theory is that Islam never tired itself out in the same way that Christianity did. The 30 Years War of the 1600s was incredibly brutal and long-lasting. A third of the Holy-Roman Empire died. Yet that war made Christians less likely to instigate religious violence. They were tired of fighting, especially over theological differences.

Islam, however, hasn’t had that moment yet. Since Mohammed died, Shias and Sunnis have been fighting. Yet they haven’t tired themselves out. They continue to fight each other, when possible, and also Christians and Jews when possible. Leaders like Saddam were able to stifle those sectarian impulses, but now that they are gone the sectarian wars have reignited. I predict they and the violence associated with them will continue for a long time.

What should the US do:

I hate to say it, but the US should do very little. Perhaps send advisers to train and protect peaceful communities in Syria, Iraq, and other areas where religious minorities are targeted by the religion of peace. But other than that, the US can do very little. It can and should protect the homeland and Israel from Islamic violence, that is a certainty. But it can’t protect everyone everywhere from Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. That would be impossible.

It should instead let the terrorists fight and tire themselves out. The US should also not topple strong leaders in the Third World. They are the only thing preventing the floodgates of religious violence from opening. If the Islamic religious leaders had had their way, those floodgates would have opened long ago. American restraint is the only path I see to a peaceful future.

The US has been fighting Islamic terrorism since Thomas Jefferson fought against the Barbary pirates. That fight will never end, but it should be limited to the wars that are winnable and worth fighting. As long as strong leaders are in charge, or the violence becomes consuming, there will eventually be less Islamic terrorism. We just have to stay away and let that happen. The religion of peace will have to solve its own problems.

By: Gen Z Conservative


Read about the attacks here:  https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/apr/21/sri-lanka-explosions-dozens-killed-and-hundreds-injured-in-church-and-hotel-blasts?page=with:block-5cbc54008f08c89bd90658d9

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